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“It Just Works!”

Versature is a customer-centric organization dedicated to providing the highest quality cloud-based business phone solutions to Canadian customers. The most common phrase we hear from our community is, “Versature, it just works”. Doing business with Versature is easy, and our customers can count on getting the highest level of support from ordering, onboarding, and technical support is only a single call (and only three digits) away.

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Industry Recognized & Respected

Versature is recognized for business excellence and as an employer of choice in the Canadian Telecommunications industry against the major telecom giants. We pride ourselves in our commitment to customer success and positive disruption of the telecommunications market by delivering unprecedented support, the highest quality products, and services and innovations beyond a business phone connection.

Growth 500 Canada's Fastest Growing Companies


Branham 300 Top 250 Canadian Technology Companies


Branham 300 Top 250 Canadian Technology Companies

Canadian Telecommunications Employer of Choice

2017, 2016, 2015

Canadian Telecommunications Employer of Choice

Ottawa's Fastest Growing Company

2017, 2013

Ottawa's Fastest Growing Company

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Best Ottawa Business

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Small Business of the Year

Commitment to Customer Success

From the first phone call, businesses know they are dealing with a company who has a vested interest in their success. Versature has made a conscious investment in the highest quality of customer care so our customers receive the guidance and assistance they need to be successful. Customers appreciate our customer-centric approach from the initial customer needs assessment through to onboarding, and from continual support and learning from our Technical Support and Customer Success teams.

Pictured: Versature’s Customer Success Team

The Trust Factor

The Versature TRUST initiative, spearheaded by Founder Paul Emond, provides on-demand real-time public insight into current and historical system status. Telecommunications customers have been in the dark long enough when it comes to the service they pay for and the businesses they trust to deliver them.

One of our core strengths and keys to maintaining strong trusted customer relationships is being open and transparent about uptime, downtime, and any issues affecting our user base. Our proactive notifications and real-time updates on are always up to date, providing the latest information on our service levels.

Business Phone Service. Evolved.

The company has evolved from being providers of customer-centric IT support to implementing and managing on-premise PBX systems to offering the highest quality cloud-based business VoIP solutions. Versature has longevity on its side and impeccable business acumen as demonstrated by the 55% year over year growth of the company. Customers choose Versature because of our demonstrated track record, industry recognition, unprecedented support and reliability. Businesses know they can count on Versature to be the backbone of communications for their business for years to come.

Exclusive Focus on Cloud-Based Business Phone Solutions

Versature chooses to focus on delivering Business VoIP solutions, products and integrations to support the busy professional.  We are not distracted by a myriad of consumer offerings or unrelated business products. Our focus and core competency is to deliver the highest quality and most innovative VoIP products and services combined with unprecedented support that ensures our long-term customer success.

Integrations with the SaaS Tools You Already Use & Love

Get more than just a dial tone. Not only does Versature offer access to our open API, but we have connectors to other popular business services and platforms including Salesforce, Klipfolio, Slack, and Google Chrome. Make your business phone solution work for you and gain rich insight by integrating your company’s call data with data from other operational systems.

Action. Value. Results.

Do more with your call data! Versature Insights is the hub of your business call analytics that organizes complex data and metrics to improve decision-making, team performance, and operational efficiency. Create a culture of high performance with our Performance Wallboards, and improve relationships with customers with our Call Centre Web Header. Store audio conversation records and easily reference them years into the future with our web UI, or take your company’s call data into your own hands with our Add-On for Google Sheets™.

Versature Gives Back

1% Equity + 1% Time + 1% Products

The fit between the cloud and the non-profit sector is an easy one. Cloud services and SaaS tools allow these organizations to make use of cutting-edge technologies while doing away with the huge capital costs and headaches associated with traditional equipment-based approaches. IT budgets can be stretched further and the non-profits can remain goal-oriented and agile.

Versature has achieved the 1-1-1 designation of corporate philanthropy. This means that we have pledged 1% of our equity, 1% of our time, and 1% of our services to charitable endeavours.

The Sandra Schmirler Foundation

The core values of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation help describe what makes the Foundation a unique and special place. Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Compassion and Passion are core to the way we work to achieve the Foundation’s mission and aspirations. Versature is a proud supporter of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation and provides the phone service, setup and onsite support for their annual telethon.

Startup Canada

Startup Canada and Versature, Canada’s leading business VoIP phone provider, have partnered to help entrepreneurs across Canada find mentors, support and new opportunities to start and grow their companies at each of the seven stops on Startup Canada’s #EveryEntrepreneur Tour.

It is thanks to the support of companies like Versature that Startup Canada can connect entrepreneurs across Canada with the resources and networks needed to succeed,” said Canada CEO Victoria Lennox. “Whether it’s communications and technology training, solutions or advice, entrepreneurs need tailored information and tools that suits their startup and small business needs.”

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