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I cannot recommend Versature enough.

“Their VOIP service is second to none – the service is indistinguishable from traditional telephone mediums, their hardware is top of the line, and their online and smartphone apps offer a streamlined experience. I can pick up my calls in the office, on the road, or from the comfort of my home!”

Amy Gohr, Google Review

I have only needed customer service once…

“…and they were quick, efficient and friendly. The rest of the time the voicemail/phone service has been great. I love getting the voicemails by email so I can see them and respond in proper order without having to take a ton of notes. I’ve had no issues with signal quality or dropped audio, and the phones provided are very easy to use. They’ve been a great VoIP provider for us!”

Alison Yale, Google Review

I love, love, love Versature.

“I’m a therapist in private practice and consultant and part of the Versature family for over 5 years. I say family because whenever I call, the support team knows me and my business. Their customer service is exceptional and the response time is usually immediate. The quality of their VOIP service and phones is unparalleled and I continue to recommend Versature to colleagues. Thank you Versature.”

Martin Firth, Google Review

We’ve been with these guys for over 2 years now.

“Their customer service is simply amazing. I’m not sure how many times we’ve called them to request help and they’ve gone OVER and ABOVE to assist us. Quality of calls are great, features are extensive, dashboard for all your configuration needs. A definite must for businesses of all sizes.”

Sandy Ahluwalia, Google Review

The Versature Team is always exceedingly helpful.

“They are always friendly and happy to instruct or help as the case may be. The audio quality of the service is exceptionally clear and the client portal is incredibly useful. I love the accessibility it offers. Versature was an excellent choice for our office.”

Jennifer Taylor, Google Review

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