Mobile Workforce & Virtual Teams

Versature unifies communications from desktop phone, mobile devices, and web conferencing for the modern workforce.


Versature Solutions For the Mobile Workforce & Virtual Teams

Organizations expect their workforce to be able to work wherever they are, and employees are demanding a more flexible work environment with options like working from home or working from the road. Versature’s unified communications user experience enables every worker to leverage their mobility and mobile devices to have the same professional presence and ability to communicate with their peers and their customers.

Mobile workers and virtual teams rely on the Versature app to make and receive calls and manage options such as call answering rules, voicemail, and other administrative functions directly from their mobile device. Simultaneous Ring ensures that when your desktop phone rings, your call also comes through on your mobile so you can pick up a call to your work number on a device other than your desk phone. Versature’s Smart Answer Feature plays an automated intro to let you know it is a call from your office and lets you choose to answer it or let it go to voicemail.

Web conferencing through the Versature association with Zoom enables employees to stay connected with their team in the office, while on the road, in a virtual office, and with their customers. Zoom is used by over 110,000 companies globally for business collaboration.

Versature is the ideal choice to deliver a unified communications experience to every mobile or remote worker in your organization and stay connected.

Mobile Workforce & Virtual Team Features

In addition to the core Versature feature set, mobile workforces leverage these key features.
Mobile Workforce & Virtual Team Features
Versature Softphone

Use the Versature softphone to answer calls on your Mac, PC, or smartphone so you can work on-the-go.

Mobile Workforce & Virtual Team Features
Voicemail to Email and Scribe – Voicemail Transcriptions

Voicemail messages are transcribed and delivered directly to your email inbox as a message so you can “read” your voicemail and listen to the .wav file attachments (also known as Visual Voicemail).

Mobile Workforce & Virtual Team Features
Call Conferencing

Versature’s VoIP conference bridge service allows you to run HD Voice quality conference calls with people in multiple locations for a fraction of the cost of traditional conference bridge services.

Mobile Workforce & Virtual Team Features
Unlimited Canada & US Long Distance

Don’t worry about hefty long distance charges with Versature. Unlimited Canada and U.S. calling comes standard in Versature Professional and Enterprise plans!

Mobile Workforce & Virtual Team Features
Fax to Email

Receive your faxes as PDF attachments in your inbox. PDF files can be emailed to one mailbox or multiple mailboxes.

Mobile Workforce & Virtual Team Features
Slack Integration

The Versature connector for Slack enables customers to monitor incoming calls to queues and extensions in real-time using slack channels. Read more about the connector here.

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