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Kick your marketing campaigns into overdrive, increase ROI with the help of your Versature business communications solutions


Versature Solutions for Marketing Professionals

Marketing is the lifeline on your business. It is up to this team of professionals to fuel your sales funnel and drive your organization’s growth. Whether your marketing efforts involve advertising, PR, promotions, or other strategies, the Versature business communication solution is there to support your efforts.

Build your Brand via your Phone System

Your phone solution serves as the frontline to your business operations. Present a professional image, efficiently manage inbound and outbound calls,… From features as simple as Caller ID and voicemail to robust Auto Attendants, Call Queues, and Ring Groups Versature helps you manage the voice of your business. Our team of telecom experts will help you configure your solution to….

Engage, Analyze, Repeat

There are a number of ways the Versature business communication solution can be harnessed to support marketing efforts. A few ways we use the system for marketing initiatives in-house are:

  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers: assign unique toll-free phone numbers to your marketing campaigns. Unique toll-free phone numbers let you know the who/what/where/when/why and how of your inbound sales calls. Separate callers who found you via “Digital Ad X” from “Print Ad Y” from “Landing Page Z” by the phone number they used to reach you.
  • Call Queues: assign unique call queues based on promotions. For example, all callers who are directed to Call Queue 1 receive Promotion A, while all callers who are directed to Call Queue 2 receive Promotion B. Keep sales promotions and special offers organized and available to the right parties. Agents can support multiple Call Queues at the same time, but thanks to a prefix attached to calls generated from Queue 1 or 2, will always know how to best handle each new call.
  • Auto Attendant messaging: adjust your Auto Attendant script or on-hold messaging to reflect current offers and promotions. Make the sell before the caller is even connected to a live agent.
  • Detailed Call Analytics: use Versature’s detailed Call Analytics to monitor real-time call data. Which regions, agents, campaigns, ads, or landing pages are performing best? With Versature marketing solutions, you’re always in the know.

Cost Effective & Scalable

Whether you need to ramp up activities in support of an event or campaign, experience seasonal call volume fluctuations, or require support for ongoing marketing initiatives you can get best-in-class marketing support from Versature.

Speak to us to learn more about how we’re using the Versature solution to support marketing efforts and to explore options for your organization.


Marketing Solution Features

On top of core Versature business communications functionality, Marketing solutions leverage these key features.
Marketing Solution Features
Auto Attendant and Digital Reception

A digital reception represents your business when you’re not available; Versature allows you to present your callers with an automated voice to help direct their call to the right person or department.

Marketing Solution Features

Provide your callers with a toll-free number so they can connect to you without any cost to them.

Marketing Solution Features
Call Queues

Distribute incoming calls into a call queue based on user selections, staff expertise, and availability.

Salesforce Integration

Capture call activity and details into in a single click to improve and increase data quality and provide additional insights for Salesforce accounts and contacts. Read more about our Salesforce integration here.

Marketing Solution Features
Custom On-Hold Music or Messaging

Custom on-hold music or messaging keeps your callers engaged while they wait to be connected with a live representative.

Marketing Solution Features
Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Summary, detailed, and real-time call reports and dashboards provide insight into call volume trends, call handling processes, and call details for billing purposes.

Marketing Solution Features
Klipfolio Integration

Mash up call analytics data with operational data and display it in an interactive format through Klipfolio. Read more about the Versature and Klipfolio integration here.

Marketing Solution Features
Slack Integration

The Versature connector for Slack enables customers to monitor incoming calls to queues and extensions in real-time using slack channels. Read more about the connector here.

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