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Whether you’ve found your corporate culture in need of a reboot, your office lease is about to expire, you’re maxed out on space, or you’ve found your staff spread across multiple floors or buildings – it’s time for an office move. Office moves can be a stressful time for staff, especially when there are concerns about uptime, availability and potentially not being reachable by your clients. Versature makes office moves smooth with absolutely no disruptions in VoIP service and no additional maintenance for your team. 

Versature knows all about office moves and have created the Ultimate Moving Checklist with more tips, best practices and ideas to guide you through the most important things to consider when you move office locations.

Easy Moves, Adds, and Changes

Some business phone providers require costly appointments to manage your phone implementation in your new location and a number of system re-configurations. With Versature, all we need to know is your shiny new address. Plug-and-play VoIP technology means moving is as simple as unplugging your Versature phones from your old location and plugging them back in at the new location. No configuration, no lengthy appointments, no additional costs. 

An Opportunity to Switch to a Better Service

There is no greater company reset than an office move. Consider using your office move as an opportunity to amplify your organization’s best characteristics through thoughtful space planning, office design, and supporting tools and technologies. Moves are a busy time, but they are the ideal time to consider a seamless switch to a better business phone service. See how Versature can help.

More Features, Low Maintenance & Extreme Customer Care

Getting started with Versature is easy. View our feature-filled business phone plans or get an instant no-obligation quote and compare with your current solution. 

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