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Versature’s executive team is made up of industry leaders from the telecommunications and technology sectors.

Jonathon Moody President
Adam Sherman CTO
Anastasia Valentine CMO

A message from Paul Emond, CEO Versature

"When I purchased my first business phone system I learned a costly and frustrating lesson in the problems of technological rigidity."

As a business with plans to grow, I found it difficult to estimate what we would need in terms of lines, extensions, and features. I ended up with an over-sold and poorly sized phone system.

Being very enthusiastic and just a little optimistic, I overestimated both the number of phone lines and extensions that we needed. Once I purchased that telephone system, I wasn’t able to easily change it as the business evolved and we learned what we needed.

It was painfully clear that traditional phone systems – like traditional phone companies - simply weren't able to address my needs as a business owner. 

Versature began at the moment we realized that, in order to share the conveniences and business benefits of VoIP with non-technical SMB customers, we would need a radically different business model. A Hosted PBX Software as a Service (SaaS) model was the logical solution – providing the features and services without the hardware, hassles, or capex.

Customers have embraced the solution & the perks of doing business with Versature.

Versature’s feature set, pricing models, and network are sophisticated, robust, and widespread throughout Canada. Customers have embraced the solution, the perks of doing business with our company and the high level of customer care we provide from quote through to fulfillment. Most importantly our customers enjoy pricing that allows them to save money while improving their business communications.

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about Versature. Please contact us if you have any questions or are ready to experience the Versature Difference.

Paul Emond, Founder

Who We Are

Versature is highly committed to excellence in every aspect of our business, and that begins with hiring the best and brightest people and building the best team. Our people are what make the difference. With unmatched talent and the highest quality of products and services, team Versature delivers best in class VoIP solutions to businesses from coast to coast.