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Versature Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and other professionals in the industry are always on the go with sometimes unpredictable schedules. Whether in the office or on the road, real estate professionals need to be within reach of their clients, other agents, lawyers, and their team even outside of traditional business hours. Real Estate organizations trust Versature to provide the highest quality business phone communications and integrations to their teams.

Unified Communications – Stay Connected Anywhere

Versature’s unified communication solutions enable busy real estate professionals to stay connected whether on their way to a showing, onsite with a client, traveling, or in a corporate or home office. Real estate professionals rely on core features such as voicemail-to-email, voicemail transcription, fax-to-email, mobile apps, and a host of call connecting options across multiple devices to receive critical communications promptly.

In the fast paced business of real estate, providing the best customer experience can be the differentiator that sets your service above the rest. Versature’s business phone solution for the real estate industry ensures busy agents and brokers can focus on providing the highest quality customer service without having to worry about backend phone solution infrastructure.

Scalable and Cost Effective – Your Business will Grow without the Pain

During seasonal fluctuations, talent acquisitions, and spikes in call volume, Versature’s business phone systems can easily grow to accommodate your real estate business needs without you having to spend time and money on setup, configuration, new physical lines, or specialized equipment. With Versature, real estate professionals can confidently focus on providing the best service to their clients while we deliver the highest quality phone service.

No Maintenance – A Cloud-Hosted Solution Eliminates Costly Service Calls

A hosted, maintenance-free phone solution from Versature allows real estate pros to remain focused on client work rather than worrying about their phone system. Costly investments in business phone setups that require ongoing maintenance, massive hardware expenditures, or additional infrastructure are a viable option for an office of competitive real estate professionals. Leave your business telecommunications service to Versature and focus on what drives your organization: your clients. The cloud-based nature of Versature communications solutions minimizes any IT related effort required and is backed up by Versature’s Canadian-based Technical Support specialists.

Choose Versature for the highest quality business phone solution for your real estate business.

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Real Estate Business Phone Features

In addition to our core functionality, Versature Real Estate phone solutions leverage these key features.
Real Estate Business Phone Features
Auto Attendant and Digital Reception

A digital reception represents your business when you’re not available; Versature allows you to present your callers with an automated voice to help direct their call to the right person or department.

Salesforce Integration

Capture call activity and details into in a single click to improve and increase data quality and provide additional insights for Salesforce accounts and contacts. Read more about our Salesforce integration here.

Real Estate Business Phone Features

Provide your callers with a toll-free number so they can connect to you without any cost to them.

Real Estate Business Phone Features
Fax-Over-IP (Two-Way Fax Service)

Eliminate the need for an analog phone line by transferring your fax machine to our system, allowing you to send and receive faxes securely over the internet.

Real Estate Business Phone Features
Fax to Email

Receive your faxes as PDF attachments in your inbox. PDF files can be emailed to one mailbox or multiple mailboxes.

Real Estate Business Phone Features
Voicemail to Email and Scribe – Voicemail Transcriptions

Voicemail messages are transcribed and delivered directly to your email inbox as a message so you can “read” your voicemail and listen to the .wav file attachments (also known as Visual Voicemail).

Real Estate Business Phone Features
Versature Softphone

Use the Versature softphone to answer calls on your Mac, PC, or smartphone so you can work on-the-go.

Real Estate Business Phone Features
Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Summary, detailed, and real-time call reports and dashboards provide insight into call volume trends, call handling processes, and call details for billing purposes.

Real Estate Business Phone Features
Klipfolio Integration

Mash up call analytics data with operational data and display it in an interactive format through Klipfolio. Read more about the Versature and Klipfolio integration here.

Real Estate Business Phone Features
Chrome Click to Dial

Point, click, and call. It’s that’s easy with Versature’s “Click-to-Dial” extension for Google Chrome. Learn more about Click to Dial here.

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