Not for Profit

Versature is the provider of choice for reliable and scalable business phone solutions to support the operations of Canada's non-profit, non-government organization and charities.


Versature Solutions for Not for Profit Organizations

Nonprofit and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) provide invaluable resources and support to the communities and members they serve. Many of these organizations rely on Versature to provide scalable, cost effective business phone services keeping them accessible and connected to their clients, members, and supporters.

Fundraising Campaigns and Special Events

Versature knows how to step up for our nonprofit clients during crucial initiatives, such as fundraising campaigns and special events. Our scalable phone solution means your team always has access to enough phones, when they need them. Whether ramping up operations for a single-day telethon or peak operational seasons, enabling temporary phone numbers and features, or providing coverage via social media and other communications is required, Versature is there. Our team takes pride in supporting all nonprofit and NGO campaigns to raise the profile of fundraising efforts during telethons and community engagement programs. See what we do to support the Sandra Schmirler Foundation annual telethon, broadcast each year during the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Reduced Pricing

Versature proudly supports nonprofits and NGOs with discounted business phone services and/or hardware through our commitment to the 1-1-1 corporate philanthropy designation, in which we pledge 1% of our equity, 1% of our time, and 1% of our services to charitable endeavours. Organizations must be Canadian-based to qualify.

Not for Profit Solution Features

In addition to core Versature functionality, Not for Profit solutions leverage these key features.
Not for Profit Solution Features

Provide your callers with a toll-free number so they can connect to you without any cost to them.

Not for Profit Solution Features
Auto Attendant and Digital Reception

A digital reception represents your business when you’re not available; Versature allows you to present your callers with an automated voice to help direct their call to the right person or department.

Not for Profit Solution Features
Custom On-Hold Music or Messaging

Custom on-hold music or messaging keeps your callers engaged while they wait to be connected with a live representative.

Not for Profit Solution Features
Call Queues

Distribute incoming calls into a call queue based on user selections, staff expertise, and availability.

Not for Profit Solution Features
Caller ID

See the name and number for each incoming call on your desktop phone, softphone, and mobile app before you answer.

Not for Profit Solution Features
Social Caller ID

Gain additional insights beyond traditional Caller ID including social feeds, maps, company information, and links to social accounts with Social Caller ID. Learn more about Social Caller ID here.

Not for Profit Solution Features
Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Summary, detailed, and real-time call reports and dashboards provide insight into call volume trends, call handling processes, and call details for billing purposes.

Not for Profit Solution Features
Chrome Click to Dial

Point, click, and call. It’s that’s easy with Versature’s “Click-to-Dial” extension for Google Chrome. Learn more about Click to Dial here.

Not for Profit Solution Features
Klipfolio Integration

Mash up call analytics data with operational data and display it in an interactive format through Klipfolio. Read more about the Versature and Klipfolio integration here.

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