Remote Work Resources


As Canadian organizations prepare their employees to work from home, Versature is here to help our clients facilitate a smooth transition. This guide outlines the resources and support that are available to you and your team and contains instructional tips on how to best set up your communications for productive remote work.


SONAR is Versature’s online client portal where you can manage your phone system. For more information on our SONAR portal including access levels and capabilities, please watch our on-demand video or visit the Versature Academy.

For users who are not familiar with their login credentials to SONAR and need to reset their password, they can do so here.

Your SONAR username is your personal extension (ex. 158) and your company’s Versature domain. For example, If you do not know your domain, please reach out to the representative in your office who is responsible for your phone system.

For instructions on how to forward calls to external numbers, check out the Versature Academy article here.

Versature’s Softphone Feature: SONAR Phone

SONAR Phone is Versature’s new softphone feature. Through the SONAR Phone, you can access your extension anywhere using your pre-existing login credentials without needing any additional software. It provides the full functionality of the Versature Mobile app, but allows users to call directly from the SONAR portal from a Chrome web browser using a headset, headphones or computer audio with no physical device required. The SONAR Phone is free, easy to use and requires little set-up.

For any users within your team who would prefer to use the SONAR phone as they work remotely, please have them visit Versature Academy for an overview of the features and setup. Please note that when switching to devices such as the SONAR Phone or Mobile App, you must add the new devices into the queue to be able to receive queue calls. This article on Versature Academy walks you through the process of adding softphones like the SONAR phone and mobile devices to call queues.

Peripheral headsets must be set up properly on the desktop when using the SONAR phone to ensure best sound quality.

Home Networks

Home networks are not often optimized for voice traffic. The voice quality may be impacted in your home environment.

To improve the voice quality, try setting up your workstation as close to your WIFI router as possible and reduce downloading and streaming applications like Netflix, Apple Music, etc. Wiring your laptop or desktop computer into your router with an ethernet cable will always provide the best connection.

If you’re experiencing disruptions or finding that your internet connection is not robust enough to support a quality work from home setup, you can download the Versature app on your mobile phone over your LTE network. Please note that this will consume data through your mobile device, other mobile applications will also use your LTE data if your Wifi is turned off on your mobile phone.

Versature Mobile App

The Versature App is available to download for both Android and iOS devices in the App store. The App allows you to take your business phone extension with you wherever you go, meaning you’re able to provide and maintain a single point of contact for clients, colleagues, and partners while you’re at the office or working from home. Please note that when switching to devices such as the SONAR Phone or Mobile App, you must add the new devices into the queue to be able to receive queue calls. 

App Tips & Tricks:

  • Answering rules must be created in SONAR first.
  • Setting your answering rules in SONAR to “Ring All” will ring your desk phone, mobile app and SONAR phone at the same time.

Conference Pod

Connect with your remote teams through our virtual conference bridge, the Conference Pod. Administrators can log in and create a virtual conference room and send pins to the participants, who can also call in from local numbers.

Customers on Versature’s Legacy packages have not historically had access to use Versature’s Conference Pod audio bridge functionality. As part of our response to COVID-19 we have temporarily enabled this functionality for all Versature users at no charge. Using your same SONAR credentials at you can start and manage conferences of up to 5 callers at no additional cost.

The Versature team is working diligently to assist all clients in preparing for quality remote work setups. For additional resources, please reach out to your Versature Customer Success Manager or visit the Versature Academy.

Are you preparing to work from home? Explore our 8 Tips For Productive Remote Work on our ConVERSAtion blog.