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Some of the best businesses in London use Versature for their business VoIP. From the highest quality desk phones to innovative data analysis functionality included automatically, businesses rely on Versature.

Enjoy London-based phone numbers by using area codes like 226, 519, 548, or port your existing business phone number(s) to Versature!

Also included is a toll-free number, giving your business nation-wide reach.

Commitment to Customer Success

Doing business with Versature is easy. With a personalized onboarding experience with a direct member of Versature staff to bilingual, Ottawa-based technical support just a 3-digit dial away, at Versature we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers. Not to mention our dedicated Customer Success team, who ensure you receive up to date information and training on all of Versature’s latest product and service offerings. What's more, phone system upgrades happen automatically and remotely, meaning there's no need for your IT team to restart phones when a software update is available.

Are you missing out?

Did you know that your business is probably missing out on valuable call data? Use metrics like volume and length of call to better staff your business, or research customer satisfaction with historical call recordings from an intuitive online user interface. Connect into SaaS tools you already use like Salesforce, Slack, and Google Sheets to enhance your workflow and make better business decisions. What’s more, most of our Insights products are included in your monthly fee on Professional or Enterprise plans. It's a phone system and data analytics in one!

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It's That Easy

"Versature makes executing an event with a lot of changing variables that much easier by providing us with reliable communications for our operations base each time, regardless of geographic location. We simply ship a phone to the event location and plug it in, it’s that easy"

Glenn van Gulik

Director, Information Services and Technology

Curling Canada

Top Notch

"We switched to Versature to gain more flexibility in our phone system, but it was the unanticipated extras we got that are really impressive. Now, we don’t know how we lived without the voicemail to email feature, and the technical and customer support we’ve received has been top notch. Even though we’re a small organization, we feel like Versature really values us as a client. We never felt that way with our previous provider."

Alex Stringer

Vice President

Orbis Partners

Big Improvements

"With Versature, we have reduced our monthly phone service costs by 40% in addition to administrative savings related to consolidated billing and the new automated attendant. Also, the value of a single phone number for our customers to reach anyone here is a big improvement to client communication, brand, and identity."

Mark Rollins

VP Technology Development


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