Versature Zoho CRM Integration

Empower your business with a unified solution to improve business insights & increase productivity


Versature and Zoho CRM. Connected.

In integrating Versature’s leading phone solution with your Zoho applications, you can operate your entire business through a single, reliable, and powerful tool.

With high levels of competition and instant avenues for the provision of client feedback, providing a seamless sales and support experience to your callers is of the utmost importance. Through the Zoho integration, your Versature call data is automatically captured and stored within the Zoho platform to provide your agents with easy access to customer intelligence analytics.

Our Zoho integration will allow you to:

  • Click to call phone numbers from within Zoho.
  • Be notified of an inbound call from a pop-up (“call pop”) within the Zoho platform.
  • Lead and contact information is available right within the call pop, who they are and what organization they’re from.
  • Take notes within the call pop for easy record keeping.
  • Add follow-up actions like “Call”, “Event”, and “Task” right from the “call pop” screen to instantly and easily tie it to that account.
  • Automatically capture important information like Call Time, Call Duration, and Call Type (Inbound, Outbound, Missed).

A standard or above plan with Zoho is required to connect any integrations or add-ons.
Free Zoho plans do not have access to integrations.

How It Works

Make and receive calls right in the Zoho CRM

When you log into Zoho, you’ll receive a call pop notification when you have an incoming call, and have an easy click to dial interface right from any number through the platform.

Record call details

Once on a call, you can easily record any details during the call within the call pop, and have all of the notes transferred to the call instance within the lead or contact.

Easy follow-up

When you end a call you’ll be able to finish any note taking but also be prompted if you’d like to set up a follow-up event, call, or task. You’ll never forget to action a follow-up.

Detailed Reporting

Each call made through the Zoho integration will automatically have important information recorded like call time, call duration, and call type, to easily run call activity reports and gain deeper insights into your time spent on the phone.

Visit Versature Academy for Setup Instructions

The Zoho CRM integration is currently available to clients on Professional and Enterprise plans.


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