Versature Zendesk Integration

Streamline your phone-based support & solve customer support tickets with ease.


Versature and Zendesk. Integrated.

The Versature Zendesk integration enables users to provide unparalleled customer support through quicker engagement, automatic information capturing, and caller interaction tracking.

Data is an integral pillar in any high-performing support organization. The Zendesk integration captures and stores detailed call data to gather insights on customer intelligence and agent performance while simultaneously allowing users to provide quicker support through call automation. Say goodbye to manually inputting every call detail, the Versature Zendesk integration automatically captures and stores call data within the platform for a smooth and frictionless support experience.

    The Versature Zendesk integration enables users to:

    • View call history — explore the call history through inbound calls, outbound calls, or missed calls.
    • Call a number through the app — dial-out by entering a number and clicking the dial button, or simply click an existing number within the call history to automatically dial out.
    • Answer calls through the app — incoming calls come in through the app to easily track and monitor engagement rates.
    • Open an existing ticket with a known user — when a known user calls, any existing tickets they currently have will appear within the Zendesk platform. The ticket color will correspond with the ticket status.
    • Add an unknown number as a new user – if you receive a call from a number that is not currently associated with a ticket and/or user, you will be prompted to add them as a user within Zendesk.
    • Toggle Your Queue Status – easily change your status from available to unavailable within the app.

How It Works

Download the app

Once the integration has been downloaded, users can automatically see an icon in the top right corner of their Zendesk page. Simply click on the icon to get started.

Make and take calls through the app

Calls are routed through the app when logged in. You can dial-out by entering a number and clicking the Dial button, or by clicking a number listed in your call history. Clicking a number listed will automatically dial it out.

Track engagement

Call data is automatically populated within the app and stored in the cloud to be easily retrieved by users and management.

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