Social Caller ID

Learn more about your callers, instantly.


Social Caller ID by Versature

Know more than just the name and phone number of your caller with Versature Social Caller ID. Get social business intelligence and background about the caller from Twitter, Facebook, Google maps, and more in a single UI! It’s Caller ID intel like never before, now available to all Versature subscribers.

Gain additional insight on incoming and outgoing callers

  • Branding – A photo or logo associated with that caller displays for immediate brand recognition.
  • Social Links– Clickable social links appear to connect with the caller’s Twitter Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Social Activity – Read the latest communications from the caller on Twitter
  • Location Awareness – View the caller’s location from Google maps.

Social Caller ID from Versature provides detailed information about your caller enabling users to be more prepared for conversations than using relying on traditional Caller ID on a small phone screen.

Social caller information is always accessible

From Versature’s Chrome menu bar dialer, simply search through incoming or outgoing calls and press the info icon to launch Social Caller ID in a new window.

Learn more about your callers

Social Caller ID opens in a new popup, giving information like location, a quick overview, and the caller’s latest Tweets.


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