Use Slack to Monitor Incoming Calls to Queues & Extensions

Monitor and collaborate on customer calls with your team.



Versature and slack. Integrated.


The Versature Connector for Slack enables customers to monitor incoming calls to queues and extensions in real-time using slack channels. Using slack, Versature customers can collaborate, share files, and set up notifications all in one place.

Slack is the de facto tool for monitoring, notifications, alerts, sharing files and collaborating with team members. Add Versature to the mix of your slack activities and combine the power of customer communications via incoming calls and collaboration with your team.

Monitor calls in real-time – view incoming calls online or in the slack app on your mobile.

Receive Notifications – set up notifications for key customers or phone numbers.

Collaborate – tag team members to collaborate on call handling or customer issues.

Share Рeasily share call details with a team or individual team members.

Search – find specific call details for a client call by searching for their name or phone number in slack.

How It Works

Connect to Slack

Connect Versature to your slack environment and enable inbound call notifications for queue(s) or extension(s) to a Slack channel.

Monitor Incoming Calls

Monitor incoming calls in real-time to determine call volume and work with team members on call handling.

Monitor Incoming Calls

Collaborate on Call Details

Tag your fellow Slack users and create a collaborative call handling environment for the ultimate customer experience.

Collaborate on Call Details

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