Versature Salesforce Integration

Increase Productivity, Improve Business Insights, and Leverage Accurate Metrics


Versature and Salesforce. Integrated.

The Versature Salesforce CRM Connector unleashes the next generation of unified business communications allowing users to engage with customers quickly, quickly capture information and qualify leads, and efficiently log client case details. The app enables clients of Versature cloud communications and Salesforce to place outbound calls, receive inbound calls, and automatically log all call activity from within the Salesforce interface.

It’s easy for sales and support teams to get distracted as they jump from one call to the next.

With Versature’s Salesforce integration, your organization can quickly and easily update Salesforce records in just a couple of clicks. Our Salesforce integration increases productivity and gives you greater visibility into the status of opportunities and support calls:

  • Stay informed—never wonder about the status of an opportunity again
  • Save time—the Salesforce records of your inbound callers are automatically introduced on your screen
  • Keep track of important details—with rich call records automatically integrated into Salesforce, you can be sure everyone in your organization has access to the most up to date records
  • Capture accurate metrics—maintaining accurate records means you can have confidence in the metrics that matter to your business
  • Customize Call Activities – capturing your customized call results ensures the application is tailored to your business requirements

Using the Versature Salesforce Integration, Salesforce CRM and Service Cloud users can make outbound calls or accept inbound calls from any phone number in a single click from within the Salesforce UI. Call activities can be added to a Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Account, or Case to accelerate information collection, enabling users to make data-driven decisions and communicate more effectively. The Versature Salesforce CRM connector supports both Classic and Lightning versions.

How It Works

Seamlessly place calls from Salesforce directly to your Versature desk phone

Log into Versature through Salesforce. Calls can be initiated by simply clicking on the phone number of the Lead or Contact.

Instantaneously record call details during or after your active call

Once a call has been made, users can quickly start recording call information without having to move to a separate page or section in Salesforce.

Easily gather detailed information about call outcome and next steps

Use our included call outcomes or create custom outcomes for your organization. Record details such as call topic and call notes, which are automatically combined with approximate call length and extension number.

Quickly refer back to previous calls among other tasks in Salesforce

All call activity is recorded in Salesforce in chronological order among other tasks for a quick snapshot view of your company’s history with the lead, contact, or incident.

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