Versature Microsoft Teams Integration

The best in collaboration applications and business telephone solutions, working together for your organization.


Versature and Microsoft Teams. Integrated.

If you’re a Microsoft Teams user, you know collaboration tools and instant messaging pave the way for seamless internal communication, but your organization still needs a reliable business phone solution to provide your clients with the highest-quality customer calling experience. Now, you can leverage Versature’s feature-rich, reliable and Canadian-based business phone service from within your Microsoft Teams mobile, desktop, and web applications.

Through the Versature Microsoft Teams integration, you can capitalize on your investment in Microsoft Teams while operating with the peace of mind in knowing that your business communications are supported by Versature’s award-winning phone service. The integration unites Microsoft’s premier collaboration tool with Versature’s advanced suite of telephony features and integrations to provide your organization with the best combination of business communication software and services.

How It Works

Access Microsoft Teams

Log into your Microsoft teams mobile, desktop or web applications and click the Calls tab on the menu to access your contacts, history, voicemail, speed dial, or dial pad.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

Should the Microsoft Teams applications experience a feature disruption or software failure, your calls will continue to route via your desk phone and Versature’s web based SONAR phone to ensure your clients always have a reliable means of contacting your organization.

Customer Success

No need to rely on connecting with a Microsoft Teams support representative in the case of a call outage! Versature’s bilingual, Canadian-based technical support team can be accessed by calling 611 through the dial pad on your Microsoft Teams platform.

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The Microsoft Teams integration is currently available to clients on Professional and Enterprise plans.

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