Monitor Call Performance with Klipfolio Dashboards

Gain Valuable Business Insights with Call and Operational Data



Versature and Klipfolio. Integrated.

The Versature Connector for Klipfolio enables customers to create high impact dashboards using call data combined with operational system data from a variety of sources including CRMs, web analytics platforms like Google analytics, marketing automation solutions, finance applications, project management & more.

The power of mashing up call data with operational data gives companies immediate insight into call metrics associated with campaigns, PR, new product releases, web traffic, and ROI in a single view for managers, team members, and executives to monitor and take action if required.

Connecting the dots from call data to other business activities is easy with the Versature connector for Klipfolio.

“Klipfolio dashboards make our customers feel in control of their business because they can continuously track the metrics that tell them if they are on or off track, whether they are on the train on the way into work, at a client site or in their office.”
Mychelle Mollot, CMO Klipfolio

For that feeling of control to be complete, organizations need to be able to track all the data they care about and they need to be able to combine and calculate metrics with it. With this new integration, organizations can now bring Versature’s call data into their dashboards and combine it with their CRM, helpdesk, web analytics and other important data.

The Versature Klipfolio Connector will enable subscribers to gain additional visibility from dashboards into:

  • Hold vs Talk Time – See how long your clients are being put on hold vs the total resolution time
  • Average Answer Speed – How quickly are your agents responding to inbound calls?
  • Calls Handled vs Calls Offered – See how many incoming calls were answered vs how many were received
  • SLA Queue Stats – See how often you’re achieving your SLA with regards to answer speed of incoming calls
  • Abandoned Call Stats – See the total number of calls that went unanswered
  • Adjusted Abandoned Calls – Remove the outliers, and determine how many calls went unanswered

Using Klipfolio functionality, Versature users can now:

  • Leverage Pre-Built Visualizations – Use Klipfolio’s vast library of klips and visualizations to effectively communicate KPIs from call and operational system data.
  • Mashup Call Data – Combine call data with operational data from many sources in a single dashboard for full visibility into call and business performance.
  • Setup Visual Alerts – Create visual cues to identify positive or negative performance for your key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • View Performance Thresholds – Easily assess if current thresholds and goals are being met
  • Setup Email Notifications – Set up email notifications to trigger if certain KPI’s are met and to notify users of exceptions.


Monitor Call Centre Performance

At a glance dashboards deliver insight into current call center performance enabling managers to respond and resolve issues related to call volume, staffing, and performance quickly.

Gain Deeper Business Insights

Mashup call data and other sources including CRMs, web analytics, ticket systems, marketing automation tools, finance platforms, and more to gain deep insights and make smarter business decisions.

Gain Deeper Business Insights

Performance Data for All Levels of Management

Create dashboards in Klipfolio ranging from high-level executive overviews to detailed departmental data for managers to monitor performance and be on the same page.

Performance Data for All Levels of Management

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