Keep an Audit Trail with blueButler

Solving the Top Issues Affecting Insurance Brokers


Versature and blueButler. Integrated.

The Versature connector for blueButler empowers busy insurance firms and brokers to improve operational efficiency and gain business insights by leveraging customer call data directly within their blueButler environment. Storage of Versature call recordings, metadata and transaction data in blueButler’s tamper-proof environment delivers a secure audit trail of client interactions. Brokers have peace of mind knowing they have secure digital call records and recordings from Versature linked into their BMS system by blueButler at their virtual fingertips.

Solving the Top Issues Affecting Insurance Brokers

  • Increase retention rates
  • Grow revenue
  • Beat the competiton
  • Protect from errors & ommissions
  • Reduce expenses
  • Improve productivity & efficiency

“Our integration with Versature provides brokers with a simpler and more cost-effective method of deploying blueButler than the traditional method of using onsite network taps. The Versature integration also allows blueButler to capture mobile call data and recordings and to provide enhanced features like click-to- call.

John McDonald, CTO blueC

Customized Call Workflows

Automated call workflows guide brokers through key questions to gather information required to complete a transaction or claim. Workflows are customized for each scenario to ensure the right information is captured for every situation. For easy access and searchability, call recordings can be tagged with specific keywords to identify the content and call type.

Instant Performance Insight

Managers gain additional insight into broker performance through dashboards and analytics that provide high-level overviews and the ability to drill down to more detail, including direct links to call recordings. Using blueButler analytics, managers can identify successful communications strategies, up-sell opportunities, as well as opportunities for coaching teams or individuals.

How It Works

Versature blueC Integration explainer

Key Features

Key Features
Fax to Email

Receive your faxes as PDF attachments in your inbox. PDF files can be emailed to one mailbox or multiple mailboxes.

Key Features

Provide your callers with a toll-free number so they can connect to you without any cost to them.

Key Features
Auto Attendant and Digital Reception

A digital reception represents your business when you’re not available; Versature allows you to present your callers with an automated voice to help direct their call to the right person or department.

Key Features
Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Summary, detailed, and real-time call reports and dashboards provide insight into call volume trends, call handling processes, and call details for billing purposes.

Key Features
Voicemail to Email and Scribe – Voicemail Transcriptions

Voicemail messages are transcribed and delivered directly to your email inbox as a message so you can “read” your voicemail and listen to the .wav file attachments (also known as Visual Voicemail).

Key Features
Softphone for Mac or PC

Place and answer calls on your Mac or PC using the Versature softphone, making teleworking and call management as easy as a mouse click or a swipe of your finger.

Key Features
Call Recording

Make digital recordings of your and your employees’ phone calls to aid in training, provide quality control, ensure compliance, and more. Easily access, stream, or download stored calls from your browser.

Key Features
blueButler Integration

Versature’s blueButler integration allows customers in the insurance industry to keep a detailed log of call recordings from within the blueButler UI. Read more about this integration here.


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