Call Centre Web Header

Improve relationships with your customers.


What is a Call Centre Web Header?

Versature’s Call Centre Web Header provides your customers with insights into service levels and agent availability so they can manage their own schedule and choose when to reach out to your company for phone-based support. Using pre-authoured Javascript code, quickly and easily add the code to any webpage, giving your customers immediate access to your hold/wait times.

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Why use a Call Centre Web Header?

Use the Call Centre Web Header to:

  • Improve relationships with customers
  • Create positive caller experiences
  • Build a culture of transparency with customers and callers
  • Reduce call flow and volume at high peak times
  • Empower customers to choose the best time to connect with your organization


How it Works

Select the call centre queue details to display on your website

Select from a list of your organization’s call queues and enter a description for your customers, such as ‘Tech Support’ or ‘Current Ordering Wait Time’.

Generate the code for your website

A Javascript code snippet is automatically generated for you based on the queue selected and description created. Quickly copy the code to place on your website with the click of a button.

Add the web header to your website to improve customer experience

Paste the code on the page of your website where you want the stats to display. Additional positioning and styling customization is available with help from your web developer.

How do I start using the Call Centre Web Header?

Use the form below to get in touch with our Sales or Customer Success team to take a tour of how the Call Centre Web Header works and learn more about how it can benefit your business.

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