Google Sheets™ Add-On

Slice and dice call data for deeper organizational insights


What is Versature’s Google Sheets™ Add-On?

With the Google Sheets™ Add-On, Versature delivers detailed call data your way to view call performance and align or mashup with operational system data.

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Why use Versature’s Google Sheets™ Add-On?

Use the Versature Google Sheets™ Add-On to:

  • View, slice and dice, manipulate and analyze tabular call data, your way
  • Gain insight into call volume, agent performance and caller experience
  • Get on-demand, real-time access to call data formatted in your own Google Sheets™
  • Import and mashup call data into other systems or tools for high-level visualizations and reports


How it Works

Install the Add-On to your Google Sheets™

Easily install the free Add-On directly from the Sheets webstore in just a couple clicks. Login with your Versature credentials for instant access.

Import your data to a new sheet

Choose from your personal CDR data, your organization’s CDR data, or call queues and select a time frame to effortlessly grab call data.

Use the Google Sheets™ UI to visualize your data

Apply a variety of visualizations and data analysis techniques to bring your call data to life.

Start using Versature’s Google Sheets™ Add-On

Versature’s Google Sheets™ Add-On is available to all Versature clients! Install the Add-On today via the Sheets Web Store.
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