Call Recordings

Securely store audio conversation records


What is Versature’s Call Recordings offering?

Versature Insights Call Recording enables companies to store audio records of conversations for short and long-term to provide training opportunities, enhance quality control and retain a digital recording to comply with legislation or support contractual agreements.

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Why Use Call Recordings?

Use Versature Insights Call Recording capabilities to:

  • Create a tamper-proof audio record of conversations
  • Improve customer experiences by using call recordings as a training tool
  • Listen to audio recordings to drill down on call performance challenges
  • Resolve disputes
  • Integrate recordings with operational systems to improve business performance
  • Detect fraudulent activity and behaviour


How it Works

Sort call recordings

Use the drop down menus to sort call recordings by user, call type, and/or duration, then set time frame to search for.

View & download stored call recordings

Download call recordings to your computer to listen to them in your favourite audio player with just one click.



Start using Versature’s Call Recordings platform

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