Versature for the Technology Industry


Are You Working From Home?

All across Canada, businesses like yours are experiencing the shift of working in an office to working remotely from their homes. To help support business communications during this time, Versature is offering a promotional Work from Home bundle. Your business could receive all the same features like call recordings, voicemail to email, and the Conference Pod conference call management tool that Versature clients know and love, but without the hassle of shipping physical desk phones to every employee’s homes.


Versature Scales to Meet Demand

The Technology Industry is constantly changing with new innovations, breakthroughs, and updates every second. Tech companies need to remain accessible and connected, and that means choosing a reputable and reliable hosted business phone system provider like Versature.

Stay Connected Wherever, Whenever

Versature provides tech professionals with a unified communications experience that leverages desk phone, computer, and mobile devices to provide the flexibility to work while on the road, at a client site, or in the office. Stay in the loop on projects, connect with clients and colleagues, and focus on your work.


From Our Tech Experts to Yours

Our team of tech experts work tirelessly on innovating to create industry-leading services like call data analytics tools and CRM integrations, to ensure our clients are always on the cutting edge when it comes to communications technology. Combined with our award-winning tech support team and our dedicated customer success managers, you’ll be sure to receive the highest level of customer care for your booming tech business. Say goodbye to wasting valuable time trying to reach your phone provider, Versature’s 24/7 tech support can be reached in just 30 seconds and are trained to combat any challenges you experience within minutes!


A Phone Solution that Supports Growing Businesses

No need to spend time sorting out phone issues or setting up accounts for new team members. At Versature, we’ll handle the logistics for you! Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) to your phone system can be quickly completed with a simple 3-digit dial to our technical support team. Need an additional phone for an employee starting next Monday? New phones can be shipped to your location ready to plug in and use within a matter of days with no additional setup cost. We’ve also eliminated the up-front cost of purchasing hardware by offering all companies with 6+ users free phone rentals for the length of their time with Versature.


“I’ve been involved in many different phone system migrations over the past 15 years, and this was easily the most slick experience. We’ve conferenced with Venezuela, China, and Argentina, and didn’t have a single challenge. The Versature phone service is rock-solid.”

Gregory Bushell, Technology Operations Manager at CareWorx

Step Into the Future with Versature VoIP

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