Versature for the Recruiting Industry


Are You Working From Home?

All across Canada, businesses like yours are experiencing the shift of working in an office to working remotely from their homes. To help support business communications during this time, Versature is offering a promotional Work from Home bundle. Your business could receive all the same features like call recordings, voicemail to email, and the Conference Pod conference call management tool that Versature clients know and love, but without the hassle of shipping physical desk phones to every employee’s homes.


Versature Keeps You Connected

A robust communications system is key for Canadian recruiting and staffing firms. Whether you’re conducting an interview with a remote candidate, or talking to a client about a new role that needs to be filled, the phone is a pivotal tool for your team. Equip your team with the best quality service, analytics and hardware with a Versature solution.

Store Audio Conversation Records.

No need to scramble to jot down every last detail of a candidate during a phone interview. Versature enables recruiting firms to store tamper-proof audio records of conversations so you can quickly ands easily filter and listen to calls made on your network. Integrate these recordings with your own operational system to combine call recordings with your organizational data.


From One Canadian Company to Another

Enjoy the perks of partnering with a communications provider that understands the unique needs of Canadian businesses. From our Ottawa-based technical support gurus to our dedicated Customer Success team, Versature is powered by a team of experts in Canada. In addition to live tutorials and training materials, you’ll also be partnered with a Customer Success Manager that will assist your business every step of the way to ensure you’re optimizing your Versature service.


Scale Your Phone System with Ease

You’re too busy to be dealing with sorting out phone issues or setting up new accounts. Let Versature handle the logistics! Any Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) you need to your phone system can be easily managed with our technical support team just a 30 second call away! Need an additional phone for an employee starting next Monday? New phones can be shipped to any location ready to plug in and use within a matter of days with no additional setup cost. We’ve also eliminated the up-front cost of purchasing hardware by offering all companies with 6+ users free phone rentals for the length of their time with Versature.


“One of the best features that Versature offers is their voicemail to email option, which has improved the overall communication channels with my clients; I no longer have to worry about relying on my cell phone or even giving that number out. Whether I’m in a meeting or on the road, if I receive a voicemail, it goes directly to my email and I can read it regardless of where I am.”

Dan Julien, Manging Director of Private Services, NewFound Recruiting

A Phone Solution that Supports Recruiters

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