Versature for the Insurance Industry


Are You Working From Home?

All across Canada, businesses like yours are experiencing the shift of working in an office to working remotely from their homes. To help support business communications during this time, Versature is offering a promotional Work from Home bundle. Your business could receive all the same features like call recordings, voicemail to email, and the Conference Pod conference call management tool that Versature clients know and love, but without the hassle of shipping physical desk phones to every employee’s homes.


Versature Enables Conversations

Businesses in the insurance industry rely on phone conversations. Whether it’s getting a client a new quote, or dealing with a frantic client submitting a claim, business happens on the phone. So for companies in the insurance industry, having a consistent and professional phone experience is of the utmost importance. And that’s where Versature comes in.

Using blueButler? Connect to Versature!

Versature has partnered with insurance industry CRM provider blueC to develop a custom integration for blueButler. Take advantage of less manual work and more visibility into calls by directly importing call data into blueButler from Versature.


Keep a Track Record of Calls

When dealing with so many potential variables between clients, having the peace of mind of call recordings means you’ll always have a record of what was agreed to. Combine that with an intuitive call recordings storage platform to easily filter and listen to calls, and your managers’ day just got better.


Supported by Canadians

Enjoy the perks of dealing with someone who understands the Canadian business market. From our Ottawa-based technical support team to your business’s dedicated Customer Success Manager, Versature is powered by a team of experts in Canada. From providing live tutorials to training materials for your employees, your CSM is with your business every step of the way to ensure you’re optimizing your Versature service.


Scale Your Phone System with Ease

Your employees are too busy to be dealing with sorting out phone issues or setting up new accounts. Let Versature handle the logistics! Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) to your phone system are managed with just a 3-digit dial to our technical support team. Need an additional phone for an employee starting next Monday? New phones can be shipped to your location ready to plug in and use within a matter of days with no additional setup cost. We’ve also eliminated the up-front cost of purchasing hardware by offering all companies with 6+ users free phone rentals for the length of their time with Versature.


“We were looking for a phone system to bring us into the future. With Versature – we’ve found that system.”

Cory Villeneuve, Partner at Palladium Insurance

Your insurance firm deserves the best.

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