Versature for the Cannabis Industry


Supporting Cannabis Companies From the Start

Ever since the first companies were applying to be licensed cannabis producers in Canada, Versature has been there. We’ve seen the potential of the industry first-hand and see the value our business VoIP solution can bring to the industry. From the smallest producer to companies like HEXO (or as we knew them, Hydropothecary), Versature’s VoIP solution offers scalable value for Canadian businesses in the cannabis space.

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Call Centre Metrics, On Demand

When running a busy call centre, it’s imperative that your managers are able to see data real-time and reallocate resources as needed. With Versature’s Performance Wallboards and Add-On for Google Sheets™, your company’s call data is available and presentable with very little setup.


A Team of Experts

From Sales to Customer Success, the employees at Versature are experts in what they do. Our 24/7 bilingual support team is based out of our headquarters in Ottawa ON, and are ready to answer any questions you need. Focus on what you do best, and let us deal with setting up the phones. Your phones will be shipped to you, ready to plug in and use. It’s that easy.


A Phone Solution That Scales With You

In such an exciting industry, your business needs can change in the blink of an eye. With Versature’s approach to Customer Success, you’ll have a single point of contact for any phone concerns, and phones for new employees can be shipped to your location in a matter of days. We’ve also eliminated the up-front cost of purchasing hardware by offering all companies with 6+ users free phone rentals for the length of their time with Versature.


“The biggest thing for us was the ability to manage and access the service from anywhere – it enabled us to be extremely responsive and easy to reach in a fast-paced environment. The fact that Versature is 100% Canadian and has a great team just sealed the deal.”

Shane Ingram, IT Support Manager at Hydropothecary

Like each strain,
not all phone systems are the same

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