Versature for Associations


Are You Working From Home?

All across Canada, businesses like yours are experiencing the shift of working in an office to working remotely from their homes. To help support business communications during this time, Versature is offering a promotional Work from Home bundle. Your business could receive all the same features like call recordings, voicemail to email, and the Conference Pod conference call management tool that Versature clients know and love, but without the hassle of shipping physical desk phones to every employee’s homes.


Versature Creates Opportunity

Associations rely on communication with members to achieve their goals and raise awareness for their cause. Versature enables conversations and allows association members to focus on what they do best, instead of worrying whether or not they’ll be able to stay connected.

Real-Time Analytics

Use real-time analytics to motivate your donation teams to reach and exceed your goals. Versature Performance Wallboards allow you to show caller metrics on screens and TVs with no coding required. Simply drag and drop graphs and visualizations to suit your needs, and let us do the rest. Also available are integrations with tools such as Klipfolio to bring data from multiple sources together.


Supported by Canadians

Enjoy the perks of dealing with someone who understands the Canadian business market. From our Ottawa-based technical support team to your business’s dedicated Customer Success Manager, Versature is powered by a team of experts in Canada. From providing live tutorials to training materials for your employees, your CSM is with your business every step of the way to ensure you’re optimizing your Versature service.


Scale Your Phone System with Ease

You’re too busy to be dealing with sorting out phone issues or setting up new accounts. Let Versature handle the logistics! Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) to your phone system are managed with just a 3-digit dial to our technical support team. Need an additional phone for an employee starting next Monday? New phones can be shipped to any location ready to plug in and use within a matter of days with no additional setup cost. We’ve also eliminated the up-front cost of purchasing hardware by offering all companies with 6+ users free phone rentals for the length of their time with Versature.


“Versature makes executing an event with a lot of changing variables that much easier by providing us with reliable communications for our operations base each time, regardless of geographic location. We simply ship a phone to the event location and plug it in, it’s that easy.”

Glenn van Gulik, Director of IT, Curling Canada

Your association deserves the best.

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