Versature For Employees On The Go


Stay Connected When On the Go

Employees today are no longer tied to a single location from 9-5. Between out of office meetings to working from home, your workforce needs a flexible solution to stay connected to clients and the rest of the office even without physically being in the same location.

Call Forwarding, SmartAnswer, & Mobile Apps

The easiest way to make sure you stay connected when on the go is through call forwarding. Quickly change where your extension’s calls get routed through our online admin portal, SONAR, and set delays for forwarding to your personal cell phone. Versature SmartAnswer prefaces calls forwarded to your cell phone with a message notifying that it is a call from your office device, allowing you to make the decision of whether you want to accept the call or not, enabling you to answer work calls professionally and personal calls conversationally. Not only that, but Versature’s native mobile apps for iOS and Android allow the same great Versature experience on your cell phone at no additional charge.


Phones That Work Anywhere

Versature boasts “plug and play ready” phones, meaning all you have to do is plug them in and they work. This means that your employees can work from anywhere with an internet connection, and look like they’re still in the office. During your move, employees can work from home or in alternate locations with no lapse in productivity or quality of service.


We Practice What We Preach

Work with a company that can put their money where their mouth is. Versature employees work from home regularly with no interruption in productivity or service level, and the entire Versature staff has been remote for a week while Versature HQ was being renovated! Our technical support team uses our mobile apps and understand the intricacies of the product, and our Customer Success and Onboarding teams can help your employees set up call forwarding rules with ease.


“We spend a lot of time on the phone and it’s an essential part of communication with our customers. Lane’s Insurance needed a phone service that was consistent, always available, and easy to use. Versature got us out of a bind and really stepped up to replace our existing solution quickly. The service is great, they really care about their customers and I’m really happy we chose Versature.”

Chad Mullen, President at Lane’s Insurance

Take your phone solution on the go

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