Versature for Marketing Campaigns


Full Offline Tracking with Versature

In today’s industry, marketers need to be able to track a lead fully from start to finish. This process, while relatively easy online, can be practically impossible when it comes to offline channels. Using Versature, marketers can have a better sense of where leads are coming from and what channels to invest in further.

Vanity Phone Numbers & Tracking

Through the onboarding process, your Versature Onboarding Specialist can help you set up vanity numbers and custom trackable numbers that route to specific extensions. Is one of your sales team the smoothest talker when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry? Have a separate number to use in all pharmaceutical collateral that directs right to his extension. Our phone system will even allow you to attach a [PHARMA] prefix to the Caller ID so they know exactly what the call is going to be about, before they pick up the phone.


On-Demand Metrics

What better way to motivate your team than displaying their call metrics on a TV for the entire team to see? Versature’s Performance Wallboards allow for drag-and-drop dashboards to be customized however you wish. Sales and Support dashboard templates included to get you started. Plus, see if your sales team are hitting on specific points with our online call recordings storage interface, allowing you to easily filter by extension, number, and more./p>


A Phone Solution That Scales With You

The largest obstacle most companies face when looking for a VoIP solution is the cost of the hardware. Giving your clients the best experience means investing in hardware that is geo-redundant, but it can run up the bill significantly. We’ve eliminated this cost by offering free phone rentals in most cases.


Increase productivity and data tracking with Versature

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