Versature for Call Centres


Efficiently Manage Your Call Centre with Versature

When managing a small or large call centre, flexibility and scalability are of the utmost importance. With higher than normal employee turnover, being able to add and remove extensions quickly is paramount, as is having data on your call centre agents readily available to make staffing decisions. Versature offers an inclusive data-driven package for call centres and customer care centres.

Lightning-Fast Setup, No Technical Skills Required

Versature’s in-house provisioning team works with you to comprehensively set up your phone system, from call routing to the physical phones themselves. Any additional MACs (Moves, Adds, and Changes) you require are done at no additional charge (other than the price of the extension itself), and can get shipped to your office within a matter of days.


On-Demand Metrics

What better way to motivate your sales or customer support team than displaying their call metrics on a TV for the entire team to see? Versature’s Performance Wallboards allow for drag-and-drop dashboards to be customized however you wish. Sales and Support dashboard templates included to get you started. Your managers will also benefit from an intuitive call recording storage platform, where they can easily filter and listen to calls without having to bother your IT team.


A Phone Solution That Scales With You

The largest obstacle most companies face when looking for a VoIP solution is the cost of the hardware. Giving your clients the best experience means investing in hardware that is geo-redundant, but it can run up the bill significantly. We’ve eliminated this cost by offering free phone rentals in most cases.


Increase productivity and data tracking with Versature

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