Disaster Recovery Built In


If disaster strikes, Versature not only provides your business with phone service you can rely on, but ensures you have business continuity in case of crisis.

Stay Online and Available

Versature’s equipment and infrastructure are designed to support enterprise-class customers with a fault-tolerant configuration that ensures reliability far beyond any traditional phone system. Whether your company is faced with a natural disaster, extreme weather, or even renovations, Versature’s cloud-based phone service keeps businesses online and available to their clients, partners, employees, and potential customers.

Versature TRUST

The Versature TRUST initiative provides on-demand real-time public insight into live and historical system status. Telecommunications customers have been in the dark long enough and kept at arm’s length when it comes to the service they pay for and the businesses they trust to deliver them. One of our core strengths and keys to maintaining strong trusted customer relationships is being open and transparent about uptime, downtime, and any issues affecting our user base. Our proactive notifications and real-time updates on Trust.Versature.com are always up to date, providing the latest information on our service levels.


Choose Versature as your first step in disaster recovery planning

Disaster recovery planning is simple with Versature’s hosted business phone service as calls can quickly and easily be routed to mobile phones or backup office facilities in the time of need. Only Internet connections are required, which means no expensive leased phone lines or additional telephone trunks. The Versature business phone service is geo-redundant and hosted in multiple, secure data centres throughout Canada. Each facility is protected by redundant connections to multiple power grids, backup power generators, redundant internet connections, environmental controls, and security. Versature phones register to each of our data centres, so if one location experiences technical difficulties, our system immediately detects and recognizes this and re-routes voice traffic through one of our alternative facilities. Customers do not experience any lapse in voice quality if such an event would occur. With no single point of failure, customers experience unprecedented uptime and rely on Versature to be their communication backbone to their customers.

Since Versature’s phone service is not tied to a specific office or location, moving from one location to another, whether it be to another desk, a new address, or to a home office, is easy. Mobile phones, the Versature Mobile App, softphones, or home phones can be configured for emergency use to ensure the business is accessible to callers. As Versature’s business phone service is a hosted solution, moving to a new or temporary facility is as simple as unplugging phones in one location and plugging them in at the new location. That means no expensive rewiring, service calls, or wait times are required.

Versature services are monitored 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year. The hosted infrastructure is always available and reliable.