What Makes a Company “Swipe Right” Worthy?

Everyone is all heart eyes and cupids in February, so we thought we’d join in with a month of posts on attraction… attracting the right customers, keeping your best customers, and how you know you can trust “the one”. Kicking it off is how to attract the right customers!

As a graphic designer and generally aesthetics-oriented person, the way a company or product looks is integral to every decision I make. While this might not consciously be the same for everyone, your customers do take how your brand looks as a factor in their decision-making process. A well-defined and targeted brand can make your brand seem polished, professional, and trustworthy, whereas typos, difficult navigation, or branding that would be better suited to a different audience will alienate your potential customers. So what exactly makes a company “swipe right” worthy?

What the heck is “Swiping Right”?

First off, let me explain the title in case you’re in the dark about what “swipe right” means (and don’t worry if you are, because after this article you’ll know one more millennial-ism). The term “Swipe Right” comes to us from Tinder and other popular dating apps where you’re shown someone’s profile, (usually just a few photos, their name, and a bio), and can either swipe left or right depending on whether you find them attractive or not. Swiping right is a “yes”, swiping left is a “no”. When two people swipe right, then it’s a match! In broader terms outside of just the app, swiping right indicates your acceptance or appreciation of something. So “swiping right” on a company means that your ideal customer is choosing you out of your competition (who are being “swiped left” on).

This all seems a little shallow, no?

Online dating is often chastised as being shallow because people are being judged solely on their physical appearance, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that we pretty much judge everything the same way!

Let’s say you’re at the grocery store picking out some fruit and veggies. Would you rather go for the apple that’s perfectly round and looks like it could be in a fancy apple commercial (if such a thing existed), or the average looking apple with a couple bruises? Probably the commercial-worthy apple, right? Your customers are doing the exact same thing – comparing your business and products to your competitors’!

Get to the point! What are my customers looking for?

If this were online dating, I’d probably say to include a picture of you with a puppy. People like puppies.

Now, this isn’t online dating, but the concept is still the same. Your customers are looking for clues and information to support the thought that your product or service fits into their ideal lifestyle. It’s so important to make sure that your online presence, marketing collateral, and social media efforts are all working to attract your perfect fit customers!

Let’s take Versature as an example. We’re a business phone solution provider for businesses in Canada. We don’t show images of residential environments because that’s not what we do; we’re here for businesses and businesses only. We’re also a SaaS company and want to be working with other companies that are using and developing tools in the cloud. It’s why we have integrations with other SaaS-based products like Salesforce, Klipfolio, and Slack, and have even developed our own products like Social Caller ID and most recently the Conference Pod.

So our website, social media, and other marketing collateral is written for other companies like us. Companies that need more than “just a phone on a desk” as we like to say, and that are looking for a solution that goes from their desktop computer to wherever they are on the road.

If you fit this profile, then it’ll be like our solution was custom made for you (which, by the way, it totally is). We’ll work out perfectly and spend many happy years together. If it’s a tentative “they seem good, but…” from you, we’ll go on a “date” (aka a live product tour, or a conversation with one of our product experts), and one of us might come to the conclusion that it might not be the best fit. Which is fine, we just want you to be happy. If you don’t fit the profile at all, you’ll “swipe left” on us and we’ll both go on our merry way.

So wait, what makes my company swipe right-worthy?

Your customers are looking for a product or service that fits into their life, whether that be a home life or an office life. They’re looking for things like imagery, tone of voice in your emails and on your website, even things like colour scheme that attract them and envision your product in their life. Can they picture bringing your signature water bottle to their spinning class? Would they use your task management software to keep track of everything they have to do at work, and make sure it’s the first thing they check in the morning? Make your business ready for it’s “first date”.

Our product experts are intelligent, charming, and will sweep you off your feet. Why not book a live demo of our business phone solution and see if it’s a match?


About Hannah Warren

Hannah is Versature's Creative & Brand Owner, responsible for maintaining Versature's brand and creating everything design-related for the Marketing team. When she's not attached to her Starbucks cup and her Wacom tablet, she can be found in the dance studio practicing her pirouettes or snuggling up with her chihuahua, Stella.