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VoIP for the Small (but Mighty!) Business

As a small business ourselves and provider of such services, the benefits of cloud-based telephony for small businesses seem overly intuitive. That’s why when VoIP and telecom review company Software Advice released their 2014 VoIP Small Business BuyerView report it was shocking to see that 57% of small businesses are still using alternate forms of business phone systems (or worse yet, nothing at all!). Of this 57%, over half are using a traditional landline.

So why the lag in modernization of phone solutions for the small business?

Our best guess, as confirmed by Software Advice’s report, is that many small businesses are just that… small. They do not support a dedicated IT team and rely on staff in any number of positions to fulfill the buyer role in this situation. In the BuyerView Report, 42% of business phone system buyers were the owners of the business, with another 39% in a management position. Only 6% stated their job titles as being in the IT field.

So, as many of you reading this post may not be seasoned IT professionals fluent in the world of cloud-based business phone systems, let us shed some light on the subject for you. As a small business, why should you consider switching over to a Hosted PBX system such as Versature? Here we address the top 10 pain points small business VoIP buyers identified as reasons for wanting to make a new software purchase.

1) More Reliable

VoIP solutions for businesses are designed to be fault-tolerant and resilient. Versature employs multiple data centre facilities located across Canada and back-up cloud-based storage leaving you feeling confident in the reliability of your Hosted PBX solution. Add to this the fact that Versature phones will work wherever there is an Internet connection, such as your home or another office, and you have pretty amazing business continuity and disaster recovery options built right in. Versature also works with you and your Internet service provider to ensure you have the best possible connection and plan to cover your business phone needs.

2) Company Growth

“Scalability was seen as an important consideration among small businesses searching for VoIP solutions. 15 percent of our buyers stated they need a system that can evolve with their businesses.” – Daniel Harris, VoIP and telecom researcher at Software Advice.  

Versature’s phone system, like many other web-based solutions out there, is infinitely scalable so long as your organization has enough bandwidth. New seats can be added at any time without requiring drastic infrastructure enhancements. Gone are the days of estimating and paying for the number of landlines you think your business will need. With Versature, you are a phone call away from adding any number of new users at any given time.

3) Lower Price

One of the biggest draws towards cloud-based VoIP is the cost savings these phone systems afford their users. Due to the Internet-based nature of the phone system, charges on long distance calls across Canada and even North America are reduced or eliminated. Costs associated with maintenance and software upgrades are also minimal as updates are automatically pushed to phones from the service provider (us!) via the Internet and support is managed remotely. Web-based updates coupled with a specialized support team managed by your service provider means that your organization can continue on with minimal investments in an in-house IT team. For more information, check out the detailed cost analysis we did on a Insurance provider saved 5K with Versature Hosted PBX!

4) More Functionality

Again, due to the web-based nature of a VoIP system, new features are automatically pushed out to all Versature users as they come available. This constant stream of new functionality, coupled with an already robust set of business phone features, means that your business phone system is never outdated and always seeking to improve workplace efficiency.

5) Better Quality

With High-Definition voice or video calls transmitted over high-speed Internet connections, your business always ensures it has the best quality phone system on the market.

6) Better Support

One of Versature’s most appreciated assets is our dedicated, Canadian-based support team. This team of technical experts is available to assist you with all of your business phone system needs by simply dialling 6-1-1 from your Versature device and takes pride in knowing each and everyone one of our customers.

What’s more is that with our easy-to-use customer self-service portal Sonar, system administrators and end-users alike can log on and modify their system or settings at any time.

7) More Modern

With features like Advanced Auto-Attendant, Call Queues, Versature Scribe (Voicemail Transcription), and a downloadable smartphone app your business is able to present a professional and modern front while maximizing phone system efficiency. New features are constantly being released and are automatically enabled on your Versature device!

8) Remote Accessibility

Easily and inexpensively connect employees in other cities or provinces on the same phone system allowing for quick extension-to-extension dialling from a single phone number. The beauty of cloud-based telephony is that your phone system is accessible anywhere users have an Internet connection. Through the use of downloadable apps for smartphones, such as the Bria software Versature clients use, office extensions are never confined to office walls.

9) Easier to Use

With VoIP telephone plug-and-play technology, phones come pre-configured and ready to use once connected to your business’s Internet. With the help of our Customer Success Managers; system demos, training, and feature set-ups are also provided throughout the provisioning process to ensure a seamless transition to the Versature system.

10) Better Security

Hosted VoIP vendors are specialists at what they do. We understand and mitigate the risks involved with telephony through the use of automated tools, checks, and balances. Fraud management (i.e. someone gaining access and making toll calls on your account) is taken very seriously and trustworthy cloud-based vendors such as Versature have multiple safeguards in place to protect against activity such as this.

So there you have it, 10 strong arguments why your small business should be considering a VoIP system. With easy number porting and a quick on-boarding process, you can have your small (but mighty!) business up and running on Versature’s Hosted PBX in a matter of weeks.

To learn more about benefits of Hosted PBX technology and explore how Versature might be a good fit for your small business, give our sales team a call today at 877-498-3772.


Software Advice is a team of software experts specializing in providing buying advice to organizations of all sizes. The “VoIP Software Small Business BuyerView | 2014” report, published on August 18th 2014, analyzes the buying behaviour of small-sized businesses to uncover their most common pain points and reasons for purchasing a new business phone system.

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