Versature Pride

I’ve been working in the recruitment space for a handful of years now. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I had this epiphany of sorts which included an overwhelming need to be my authentic self in all areas of my life, including the workplace.

For me, this ultimately meant leaving the headhunting industry, “coming out” to my un-phased parents, pursuing a slightly different career path, and branching out with my friendships. It felt like I was going through this process of removing a mask that had become a solid part of my foundation. It took a lot of work (and don’t get me wrong, the mask still comes out more frequently than I care to admit).

Being a part of the LGBQT+ community and looking to grow professionally means that it’s crucial for me to seek out a great professional fit. It’s not just a desire but rather a need for me (and surely for everyone) to feel safe and free from judgment in the workplace.

One of the biggest things that I seek out from an employer/client is a diverse workforce with a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination. People and organizations that have diversity already woven into their culture- and that likewise have an open dialogue about it- are typically where I feel most welcome and valued. When inclusivity is part of the core values of a business, this speaks volumes about their pledge to support their employees no matter their orientation.

Versature is this kind of place. From the first day that I stepped into the CEO’s office, I felt valued and supported to crush my work goals while being free to celebrate my relationships in all their forms. There’s a level of respect that naturally exists in the culture, but it goes beyond implicit support. In fact, Versature is rather explicit in their pledge to foster an inclusive, LGBQT+ safe environment.

From the Pride flag that flies next to the company flag, to participating in the Pride Parade to ongoing discussions year-round with senior leadership about inclusivity, Versature “walks the walk”. So, all of this to say: Versature gives me a place to feel pride not only during pride month, but all year long.

About Lauren Reade

Lauren is the People Ops Specialist at Versature, using her decade of experience working with people to source talent and assess the best fits for the team! When she's not meeting potential new rockstars and spending time with Team Versature, she can be found playing the trumpet with her band or training for an upcoming triathlon.