Versature-Powered Contact Centre Transforms Customer Experiences for uBreakiFix Customers

Client Case Study: uBreakiFix


uBreakiFix is technology repair company with 25 locations across Canada that specializes in consumer electronics repairs. They like to say that they can fix anything with a power button, and have seen it all! From smartphones that have been run over by cars to tablets that have fallen in pools, uBreakiFix is prepared to face anything that comes their way.


With over 25 franchised locations across the country, uBreakiFix needed a reliable phone service that enabled all stores to work together and stay connected.


uBreakiFix began to experience rapid growth in the Canadian market. This meant that most of their stores were on different phone systems and more often than not, using traditional landlines. With call volumes increasing, the phone systems became a bottleneck for the business.


Interested in the ease of management of the Versature system, uBreakiFix connected with a product specialist for a product tour. They were impressed with the ease of use and administration using SONAR, the Versature end user and admin portal, and quickly made the switch. Together with their dedicated Versature onboarding specialist, uBreakiFix created a call flow that interconnected dozens of stores across Canada. A contact centre was also created, to provide customers with a single point of contact.

After a quick and seamless rollout of Versature’s phone solution, uBreakiFix locations experienced efficiency improvements right away. With the establishment of the contact centre, in-store technicians were freed up from answering, transferring, and managing phone calls, enabling them to focus on their jobs instead of being constantly distracted by ringing phones. Communication between stores also improved thanks to the ability to transfer calls with a single touch; gone were they days of looking up different locations and numbers only to be placed on hold. The ability to quickly access call data resulted in a highly efficient contact centre workforce and reduced wait times for customers. The switch to Versature meant improved efficiency, happier employees, and happier customers for uBreakiFix.

Canada Wide


Client Base
Electronics Consumers

Why Versature
Call recording, Sonar, Ease of making changes

Customer Quote

I would encourage anyone to choose Versature because of their advanced technology. The great thing about dealing with Versature is that they don’t just offer lip service. They’re serious about supporting the customer and make sure we’re successful. Versature is a great partner.

Eric Urzada | Franchise Owner | uBreakiFix

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