With Versature, McVey Insurance Evolves into a Digital Brokerage


McVey Insurance Services Limited is a family-owned and family-operated business located in Ontario. They provide a broad range of both personal and commercial insurance products.


To upgrade an aging phone system to a platform that would seamlessly integrate with all of their insurance and software programs.


McVey Insurance Service Ltd was using an aging on-premise PBX phone system, which was outdated and inefficient for an insurance company transitioning from the traditional insurance model to a digital model. The hardware was ancient, not reliable, and a financial burden not only for maintenance, but because it required traditional telephone lines – 10 to be exact. The monthly cost to maintain 10 lines was exuberant and they recognized it was just unnecessary.

The evidence against their current phone system piled up and they knew a change was needed and a switch had to happen. After hearing about Versature from an employee, the McVey team decided to reach out.

Solution & Results

After connecting with a Versature product specialist, the McVey Insurance team learned about the advantages of migrating from an on-premise PBX to a cloud-based business phone service. In addition to the ease of managing and maintaining the new phone service, Versature’s integration with blueButler allowed the capture of call recordings in the insurance broker management system. This impressed the team, and they decided to make the switch.

The upgrade to Versature has enabled McVey Insurance to streamline their business and optimize their communications. The blueButler integration saves users time by automating tasks that would have otherwise been completed manually. In addition, the SONAR web portal gives employees more control over their phone system; from recording new greetings, to managing call queues, everything can be done easily and on the go. Instead of dedicating time and money to maintaining old technology, the switch to Versature meant employees can dedicate themselves to making sure their customers are getting the best possible experience.

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