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Client Case Study: CJ’s Accounting


CJ’s Accounting Services is an accounting and bookkeeping firm in British Columbia that specialized in corporate bookkeeping services including payroll, corporate tax, and personal income tax.


To replace an outdated phone system that was limited to two traditional lines with a modern, full-featured business-level phone system.


CJ’s Accounting, a boutique accounting shop, was quickly growing and steadily expanding its client base, and the number of calls they were receiving was increasing every day. The staff at CJ’s Accounting soon began to realize that they had outgrown their two-line traditional phone system. The limited number of lines meant that potential and current customers would often be met with a busy signal when calling into the office. After receiving complaints, CJ’s Accounting began to search for a new phone system that could meet their growing business needs.


After researching various options, CJ’s Accounting approached Versature looking for advice on how Versature and VoIP technology can improve their business. Working together with Versature, the firm was able to customize a VoIP phone solution to their specific business needs. Being able to directly dial into extensions directly and receive individual voicemails were much-needed improvements, but the largest draw for CJ’s Accounting was that their callers would never receive a busy signal ever again. The level of customer service at CJ’s Accounting vastly increased, allowing employees to do their best work and continue to offer great service. With the new phone system fully implemented, customer complaints stopped and were replaced with compliments about the new professional service. More importantly, the switch to Versature allowed CJ’s Accounting to continue evolving their business, and their customers to always reach a member of staff.

“The biggest change for the office has been that there’s so much we can do with the system. The auto attendant, the voicemail transcriptions, and other features have been such a huge jump for us. It’s taken us to a new level of professionalism.”  -Clarence Lowey, Founder of CJ’s Accounting Service

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