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Versature Explainer Video

Cartoon - Character sketch on white board

Versature Explainer Video

We are working with the talented folks over at inMotion to create an Explainer Video that will, in 2 minutes or less, explain what it is we do and why you should work with us. The process has been a lot of fun so far, mostly focused on the script and timing. At the moment, we are on draft # 6 of the script, so as you can imagine we’ve been busy refining our message and tweaking the storyline.

Last week, we were introduced to some of the main characters of the video and I thought it would be fun to share. First, there is “Bill”, who is your ‘every man’ that will be the lead character in our video. After that, we did some freehand concepts for how Versature will be represented as well as the “evil telco” character that represents the old way of acquiring and managing your business phone services.

billevil_telco You can click on the images to see them in a larger version. It will be great fun to see these characters come to life over the next few weeks as the video is animated and edited. Look for the finished product to be available sometime over the summer – it will probably be featured prominently on Versature’s website when it is ready. I’ll try to update the blog with details on our progress as we move forward through the different stages.

I’d highly recommend the folks over at inMotion if you are looking for video production work. They are local here in Ottawa but do work for companies across North America.

About Sarah Dingman

Sarah Dingman serves as Versature's Senior Marketing Specialist, putting her experience in content marketing and digital strategy to work in a fast-paced tech environment. Sarah has 5+ years experience working in marketing, specifically within the telecommunications industry, and is passionate about advancements in her field as well as her volunteer roles in the nonprofit sector, such as her position with LiveWorkPlay.