Versature and blueC Partner to Solve the Top Issues Facing Insurance Firms

Empowering Canadian Insurance Brokers with Call Data and Analytics to Improve Customer Care and Operational Efficiency.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OTTAWA, CANADA – September 25th, 2017 – Versature Corp. announced today the integration of its hosted business phone service with the industry-leading insurance call content and recorded call management system, blueButler. With the blueButler integration, Versature customers in the insurance industry can leverage their call data to increase customer retention, protect from errors and omissions, reduce expenses, beat the competition, and improve productivity and efficiency.

“Versature continues to increase the value of call data and analytics by combining it with third-party systems like blueButler,” says Jonathon Moody, President and Chief Operating Officer at Versature Corp. “Using our call metadata and recordings within the blueButler ecosystem provides peace of mind and a secure audit trail for Canadian insurance brokers.”

Versature and blueC customers can deliver an enhanced customer experience using the blueButler workflow guides, checklist, and campaign reminders. Brokers seamlessly access call metadata and recordings from a tamper-proof secure location that serves as an audit trail of client interactions directly from within the blueButler UI. This provides Insurance firms with protection from errors and omissions in addition to management insight into broker performance.

“Our integration with Versature provides brokers with a simpler and more cost-effective method of deploying blueButler than the traditional method of using onsite network taps,” says John McDonald, Chief Technology Officer at blueC. “The Versature integration also allows blueButler to capture mobile call data and recordings and to provide enhanced features like click-to- call.”

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Versature is the leader in Canadian SaaS-based business phone and communication solutions. Trusted by clients and partners across the country, Versature is an award-winning company that is raising the bar with the highest quality phone systems, superior Communications as a Service and operational system integrations, and Canadian-based technical support. Founded in 2003, Versature has a rapidly growing subscriber base and strong partner network from coast to coast. Visit Versature at

About blueC
Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, blueC 802 Inc specializes in enterprise Call Content and Recorded Call Management and is a leading solution provider in the Canadian Insurance Carrier/Broker/Agency market. blueC was awarded an Insurance Canada Technology Award (“ICTA”) for its flagship blueButler™ offering that enables Brokers to optimize call recorded business processes while identifying new revenue opportunities, mitigating risk, and managing a highly qualified and productive workforce. Visit blueC at

About Anastasia Valentine

Anastasia Valentine is the Chief Marketing Officer at Versature leading the marketing and sales organizations. She is an award-winning product strategist and brings a wealth of experience to the Versature team. Anastasia has a solid track record of over 20 years of experience bringing products to market from idea through to commercialization globally. Anastasia has held leadership, technical and marketing roles organizations such as Sandbox, Cognos, IBM, Jetform/Adobe and with technology startup companies. She leads the multi-disciplined marketing and sales development teams at Versature using a customer-centric and data-driven approach to provide long-term strategic vision and day to day tactical direction. Anastasia is a strong advocate for women in STEM and regular keynote speaker at industry conferences.