Upgrading to Versature Allows GroupSource to Focus on their Business

Client Case Study: GroupSource


GroupSource provides market-leading employee benefits to Canadian businesses. It specializes in high-touch service, turnkey implementation and efficient benefit plan management for Canadian organizations of all sizes.


GroupSource was looking to upgrade to a cloud-based phone service to mitigate the issues that came with managing an on-premise system.


The traditional, on-site PRI system that GroupSource had implemented was nearing the end of its life. Growing licensing fees were negatively impacting the bottom line, service interruptions were affecting customer relationships, and the single point of failure of an on-premise system was proving to be a significant liability for GroupSource. These factors drove the team to begin exploring cloud-based phone systems.


When researching Canadian VoIP providers GroupSource was attracted to Versature for two main reasons:

  • The all-in-one hardware and service Versature provided meant that managing and ordering was extremely simple and easy
  • Versature’s commitment to disaster recovery with dual-registering Polycom phones and data centres across Canada meant GroupSource would always be online

GroupSource made the switch and noticed positive results immediately. Regular outages have become a thing of the past, and the ease of contacting Versature’s Technical Support team means that GroupSource spends less time wrestling with their phone system and more time on their business.

“The convenience of not having hardware on site allows us ultimate flexibility.
When we set up a new office we just order a phone, plug it in, and it works.”
-Adrian Burden | Senior Director | Information Technology


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