Top Online SaaS Tools for the Modern Workday

Remember the days of buying a software CD, getting home, and spending the better part of your afternoon installing it? Those days are behind us. In 2018, the SaaS ( Software as a Service) model is here and accessing life-changing tools is often as easy as clicking a link. We’ve assembled a list of online services and tools that will make your days in the office fly by and make you feel like a superhuman productivity machine. From staying on task to jamming out to some tunes – we’ve got you covered.


You’re a busy professional; so stop relying on sticky notes and to-do lists scattered all over your desk to keep you organized. Asana is a project management tool that can help you and your teams stay organized. Assign tasks, set due dates and reminders, and have conversations all through an excellent, intuitive, and easy to use interface.

Asana Website


Lots of us use Gmail or Google Drive in our personal lives but did you know that you can subscribe to use a self-branded version of the entire G Suite? Imagine your office running on Gmail’s sleek interface, with Google Calendar guiding your days instead of a clunky old outlook client? Check out the whole list of apps and start bugging your boss about making the switch.

GSuite Website


You get back to the office after a work trip, pull out your wallet, and dump the mountain of receipts on your desk. The next hour is gone: expense forms, sorting, mileage calculations – only to realize you lost the gas receipt for the longest leg of your trip. Sound familiar? Forget about receipts with Expensify – take photos of your receipts as you go and submit expenses with a single tap.

Expensify Website


You’re in the zone finishing your email or latest blog post, when all of a sudden you hear: “Hey, can I borrow you for a minute?”. Record scratch. You’ve lost your flow, and that email is never getting finished now. The solution? Grab a pair of headphones and a Google Play Music subscription and pretend you can’t hear your coworkers while jamming out to “Concentration Radio”. Don’t worry, we won’t tell *wink*.

Google Play Music Website


If you work in an office, your company probably has a website. The better your site – the better your business performs. CrazyEgg is a tool that lets your monitor user behaviors on your site. Do visitors always get distracted by a flashing image in the bottom right corner of your page? Do they struggle to find the login button? Check out CrazyEgg and learn about your own site.

CrazyEgg Website


Emails, presentations, and social media posts are all part of our daily routines and making sure your writing stays error-free helps maintain a professional image. With the Grammarly Chrome extension, you get an AI-powered spelling and grammar checker built right into your browser. From email to tweets you’ll always have your personal virtual editor making sure your writing is worthy of the public’s eyes.

Grammarly Website


Have you ever forgotten to turn your wifi back on and used a ton of data? IFTTT can help – just create a rule to turn your wifi on when you are within 300 feet of your home. IFTTT lets you create conditional statements, called applets, to automate your life. It works with your computer, your phone, your smart speaker, and maybe even your thermostat. It’s time to automate your life. You can do anything from setting a reminder when someone mentions your company in a tweet, to [something else].

IFTTT Website


Your boss runs into your office and says that you need to design a poster for the office Christmas party. You’re in IT. Smile and nod, and then immediately head to There’s over 10,000 courses from design, to software development, to project management. With the right Lynda course, you’ll have that poster ready in no time.

Lynda Website


At Versature, we also aim to build a product that makes your workday better, integrating the phone on your desk to the SaaS tools you probably already use, like Slack and Salesforce.

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