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The Importance of Being Canadian

Here at Versature, we’re proud to be 100% Canadian. Since it’s Canada’s 150th birthday, we’re taking the time to highlight just what it means to be 100% Canadian, and how that affects how we run our business.

Canadian-Based Data

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, we use a lot of data. This data is stored in 3 geo-redundant data centres around the country, including one in Ottawa and one in Vancouver.

Versature provides each of our clients with top of the line Polycom phones, and one of the main reasons why we do is the fact that these phones can be dual-registered. This means that the phone can be connected to two data centres at once. At any moment, the phone on your desk is connected to our servers in Ottawa and Vancouver simultaneously. Your voice traffic is routed through to the server closest to you, so if for example, you’re out in Montreal your call will be routed through our Ottawa data centre as opposed to our Vancouver data centre.

Your business’s data will always be routed to the same data centre unless, in the extremely unlikely case, one of these data centres goes offline temporarily. At that time, our failsafe location is added to your phone and your calls are routed to the other data centre automatically. There is no noticeable difference to your call quality or service, either.

Having Canadian-based data centres is important to our customers because of Canada’s privacy laws. Any time your call data leaves Canada there is the chance that it could be viewed by an external party or government (under different countries’ jurisdictions). When your data stays in Canada, there’s no chance of this happening, and your data is safe with us.

We’re Powered by Canadians

Versature’s entire team is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Everything from Sales and Marketing, to Onboarding, to Billing is housed under the same roof. This gives us direct and constant communication among teams, so it’s just a matter of walking a few steps to talk to someone who knows you almost as well as we do.

Being based in Canada is important to us as a company because we know for a fact that there is an abundance of highly skilled technology workers in our own backyard (seriously – we hired them!), and we’re proud to support them. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about the products and services we offer and have the educational backgrounds and technological savviness to back it up. Our fully bilingual customer support agents have direct hands-on experience with the products and services we offer, and have a deep understanding of the Canadian business market.

Not only that, but you know that when you call into Versature headquarters, you’ll be talking to someone who actually lives in Canada. We’ll ask you how your double-double was this morning or which team you’re cheering for in the playoffs. When you’re talking to a member of Team Versature, we’re the people you could go out for a beer on a patio with after work (and some of our clients have!) because we understand what it means to be Canadian. Working with businesses in Canada is as unique as interacting with Canadians – we believe in friendliness and personability over just “trying to make the sale”.

Team Versature on the Ice Rink

Canadians Supporting Canadians

Just like any good Canadian, we enjoy doing our part to better our local and national community. Since 2015, Versature has implemented a 1-1-1 initiative in which we dedicate 1% of our time, 1% of our resources, and 1% of our equity to charitable resources. Our employees receive volunteer days each year to spend volunteering for the organizations and causes that mean the most to them. This initiative also allows us to offer discounts to registered Canadian non-profits, allowing them to focus on what they do best while leaving the phone solution to us. We’ve helped some great nonprofit clients across the country like the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, Resuscitation Canada, and the Sandra Schmirler Foundation by providing a better communications experience, allowing them to focus on the work they do in their communities. See the work our team did with the Sandra Schmirler Foundation at this year’s annual telethon!

Versature also has a network of best-in-class technology partners across the country that we call upon to meet with clients in person and help set up additional services in difficult and tricky situations. If we can’t help you in-person ourselves, our friends will.

– – – –

Our doors are always open for you! If you’re in the Ottawa area (or stopping by for a visit), come visit us at Versature headquarters – beers on us! If you can’t meet us face-to-face, why not book a meeting with one of our knowledgeable and Canadian Product Experts? You’ll get a new phone solution for your business and a new friend!



About Keni Gibson

Keni Gibson serves as Versature's Sales Team Leader, providing strategic direction and leadership to his fellow Sales Account Managers. He has 12 years of successful sales experience in the Canadian telecommunications market with an extensive background in business continuity planning and IT infrastructure. Considered a thought leader in the IT sales community, Keni is also an avid outdoorsman with strong community ties in the Ottawa Valley.