Team Versature at the YSB SleepOUT

Team Versature joins 650 others to make the Youth Services Bureau SleepOUT a resounding success.

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to have to spend your nights looking for a place to sleep outdoors. That’s why, for the second year in a row, team Versature – together with about 650 other people – spent their their Thursday night experiencing it for themselves.

Upon arriving many began to realize that they were in for an authentic experience – the light drizzle matched with a temperature of about 3 degrees was perfect to making every task rather uncomfortable. With all of their possessions in tow, participants walked up to the registration booth to sign the soggy registration page and then made a beeline straight for the field to find our spot for the night.

Our team found a spot, and started setting up. As it was getting colder, our tent took shape despite the support rods that were slipping out of our cold wet hands and the temperature dropping. As the night went on the rain turned into freezing rain and then into snow – people huddled in their tents began settling in for the night. Details aside, I can guarantee that sleeping in a wet sleeping bag on a sub zero November night will let you see just how important it is to support homeless youth. We weren’t the only ones who understood this. At 6:30 in the morning Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau took the stage and declared the YSB Sleep Out was a resounding success with over $240,000 raised and over 650 people that participated.

While we got to go back to our homes that day there are many who don’t have that luxury, so let’s keep supporting the Youth Services Bureau. You can find out more about YSB and how to support them on their site:

Some more stats from the event:

Youth Teams raised over $56,000
The Home Depot Foundation donated $30,810
To date 97% percent of the $250,000 goal.
Number of tents: 127
Number of people: Over 650

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