Signs You Should Switch VoIP Providers

Like any product or service, not all VoIP providers were created equal. Some products and services are easy to tell good from bad, like food or haircuts. You probably have a preference for where you go for a cup of coffee in the morning and where you’d go to get a haircut before a big event, but with technology solutions like VoIP, it’s a little different. Since you’re not searching for VoIP providers all the time and you’re not extremely familiar with the industry it can be hard to tell a good VoIP provider from a not-so-good VoIP provider.

So what makes a good VoIP provider?

Simply put, a good VoIP provider should be stable and knowledgeable. This means that you should never have to worry that your service might go down if the VoIP provider’s single data centre goes down (which is why Versature has 3 data centres), and that the company won’t be declaring bankruptcy and shutting down.

The VoIP provider should also know what they’re doing. Many IT providers list VoIP on their list of products & services just because they can, but they don’t actually know all that much about VoIP or how to support it.

Not only that, but you shouldn’t be ‘nickel and dimed’ for every additional feature your business wants or additional users your business wants to add.

What do some of the bad VoIP providers do that a good VoIP provider would never do?

The biggest thing that comes to mind for me here is that a bad VoIP provider will point fingers. If your phone service goes down and you (understandably) call in to ask what’s going on, the VoIP provider shouldn’t be blaming your internet provider and pointing fingers at some other part of your IT solution. At Versature we’re completely transparent as to our uptime, and you can check how we’re doing even if you’re not a customer at Our Technical Support team will also call your other IT providers on your behalf to sort out issues you might be having so you don’t have to try to explain technical information to multiple people.

A bad VoIP provider will also put all of their eggs in one basket. Their backend system will only be connected to the PSTN network through one traditional telephone carrier, and they will only have one data centre. This means that if that one carrier is having issues, or there’s an incident involving the data centre, all of their clients’ phone systems are down.

Mediocre VoIP providers will also not be very knowledgeable or reachable. When you call into their office, are you put on hold for half an hour before you can reach anyone? Can the first person you talk to answer your questions, or are you transferred to three or four people before your problem can be solved? A good VoIP provider will hire and train their employees so that they understand how their product works, and will be not only able to help you, but available.

You should also be getting standard features like caller ID and call transferring, and know how to use them. Many times when a prospective client calls in and I tell them the included features, they’re surprised because they didn’t have standard features, or had them and had no idea how to set them up.

What can I do if I’m with a bad VoIP provider?

The best thing that you can do if you’re thinking of looking for a new VoIP provider is to do your research. Look online at multiple providers, and talk to product experts at each company to get information specific to your company’s needs.

Secondly, don’t just focus on price. There will always be a ridiculously cheap option but most of the time it’s too good to be true. When looking at the costs of different providers, think of what you’re getting as part of the price. Does this include unlimited support? Integrations with other SaaS tools that your company probably already uses? What about easy moves, adds, and changes (MACs)?

Even if you’re not sure if you can switch VoIP providers, it could be beneficial to book a demo with one of our Product Experts here at Versature. There’s no strings attached, and we’re here as a point of contact in case you have any questions further down the line. During our call, we’ll show you our solution and give you case studies relevant to your needs and industry, as well as direct you to other informative blog posts.

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About Bryan Vaughan

Bryan Vaughan is a Senior Account Executive at Versature, with over 7 years of experience helping Versature clients choose the best VoIP solution for their business. When he's not at the office or networking in the Ottawa community, Bryan can be found on the golf course, hockey rink, or dance floor.