Road signs - old and new - Signs and signals your business needs a cloud-hosted phone system

Signs & Signals Your Business Needs a Cloud-Hosted Phone System

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.” as the song goes.

Changing the communications backbone of an organization doesn’t have to be difficult. There are business signals that tell you when your business should be looking for a new phone system. Here are some signals that the time may be now!

On-Premise PBX End of Life

Many on-premise systems are nearing or have already exceeded the official end of life phase of their product cycle. Simply put, many of these devices are no longer being supported by their vendors. Check your current on-premise system, see what the end of life date is and at the same time, investigate the limitations and costs associated with the current system. It may be a chance to move to a maintenance free and feature filled hosted business phone solution.

Company Growth

Is your organization growing? Now is a good time to review your existing business phone system to determine if it can continue to:

  • scale to meet your demand
  • provide the features you need and want
  • be cost effective for your organization.

If it can’t scale, provide you with must-have features, or be cost effective, it’s time to look elsewhere.


Is your company relocating to a new facility? Who wants to bring an on-premise system, deal with billing issues, and have to schedule service calls to complicate an already tricky business process? With a cloud-hosted business phone system, you only need to pack up your phones and plug them in at the new location. No additional logistics, expensive service calls, or billing snafus. Leave the old technology behind and move on up!

Mergers and Acquisitions

It’s tricky business getting two companies to merge their operations let alone their processes and offerings. Look at M&A as an opportunity to reduce any complexities of migration or integration of yet more systems. Start fresh with a hosted solution that is pre-configured for every user and eliminates any maintenance costs and headaches.

Cost Reductions

It happens at some point in any business. Measures are taken to reduce costs and improve efficiency. One of the first places to look is your existing phone system and any associated IT expenses. Evaluate the costs of keeping the current system and features with the benefits and cost reductions of moving to a more cost-effective Cloud-Hosted Solution. In fact, look for hosted solutions even beyond your phone system to simplify areas including CRM, Support, Customer Success, and Billing.

If your company is seeing any of these signs, it is a signal to look for a scalable, flexible, feature filled, cost effective business phone solution.

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