Setting You Up for Success with the “Train the Trainer” Method

One of the things that sets Versature apart from other VoIP business phone providers is the level of care we have during the provisioning process. When you’re a new customer with Versature, we ensure your business is set up for success from the beginning, and give you all the tools and training you need. This is why we use the “Train the Trainer” method during the Provisioning process.

The Provisioning Team’s Role

The main goal of the Provisioning team at Versature is to get customers acquainted with the phone system. Each new client is given a dedicated Onboarding Specialist at Versature, who is in charge of this process from beginning to end. This Onboarding Specialist works directly with the “implementor” of the phone system at your organization, usually the person who bought the phone system.

Why “Train the Trainer”?

What sets the “Train the Trainer” method of onboarding apart from other methods is that we want you to be the dedicated on-site expert. When you’re knowledgeable about your company’s phone system, you have more control over how the system is set up and are empowered to make changes as required (because who knows your organization better than you?).

This process is great for companies who are in the process of scaling because new employees can be trained on-site by you rather than trying to coordinate additional training sessions with a member of our team or relying solely on print or digital training materials. Other vendors may actually charge extra for training, but at Versature, we make it all part of the package at no additional cost to ensure your success.

How do we train?

Our main method of training the trainer is through live screen share demonstrations of our Client Portal, SONAR. We go through the entire system and highlight the features that most businesses find key. Since this demo is interactive, we can easily hone in on any specific needs your business has, and focus on the features that you will be using most often.

Not only that, but we can supply you with printable user guides and videos on how to use our hardware and software to share with your organization and use for your own internal training. These resources are always being updated and expanded upon.

Making your training successful

What’s great about the Train the Trainer method is that we can customize the training to your needs. Our live screen share demos are very client-guided based on what features you’re interested in, and which we think would be good to know for your situation.

This process is really beneficial when the trainer we’re training is open and wants to learn and be on the call. How well the implementation of your new phone system hinges on how involved you are in the process. The best part is that we can go as fast as you’d like to. If you have everything figured out and are confident about how to use our our client portal in just one hour, great! If you need a few training sessions plus some additional support, that’s great too! We’re here for you to make sure your implementation is successful.

What resources are there to train the rest of the company?

There are tons of resources available for you to help train the rest of your company, and we’re adding to this list all the time.

Directly in the client portal, SONAR, there are step-by-step guided tutorials that take you through a number of different tasks like setting your voicemail up for the first time, to setting custom time frames, to everything in between. These are available to all users.

For hardware demonstrations, there’s the Versature Phone Basics series on YouTube, which gives a guided approach to basic functions on all Polycom VVX phones, including the 300, 400, and 500 series models. These videos include an overview of the phone model, three-way calling, blind and attended call transfers, and useful star codes.

Your Onboarding Specialist and our Customer Success team can also provide you with a link to download one of our SONAR User Guides. Available for all types of users (Basic Users, Office Managers, Call Centre Agents, and Call Centre Supervisors), these guides give written instructions and tutorials on using SONAR and include pictorial walkthroughs on basic functions.

Don’t forget that you can also ask your Onboarding Specialist any questions, even after you’ve completed the Onboarding process. Any member of your organization can also contact our Tech Support team at any time by dialing 6-1-1 from their new Versature phone, and our Tech Support team can help with any walkthroughs or troubleshooting you might require.

Ready to get started?

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About Matt MacIntyre

Matt serves as one of Versature's dedicated Customer Success Managers. When he's not helping Versature clients get the most out of their phone solution, he can be found on the baseball field or playing golf (poorly)!