The Power of a First Impression

There are many things that are similar in business and dating, and the power of a good first impression is one of them. But here’s the thing about first impressions: there’s not just one of them. First impressions go beyond the initial moment of “hi, I’m Keni” and into pretty much every first experience you have with someone, whether they’re a potential romantic or business partner. To outline just how far first impressions go, here’s both a romantic relationship and a business/client relationship.

Stage 1: Casually Dating

You stared at each other from across the bar, or maybe you both swiped right. Either way, you thought they seemed interesting so you approached them to learn more. This is similar to when your potential client goes to your website, sees your advertisement, or is engaged another way with your marketing. This is the initial first impression and is what draws them in.

That’s when you get to the stuff that’s really important: personality and credibility. Do they think you’re a genuinely nice and smart person? Could they see this being more than just a short-term fling before they find someone to settle down with? This is when your potential client has a call with your Product Expert or Sales Development Representative. They’re trying to make sure you’re more than just the good looks that drew them in, and that you genuinely have their best interests at heart. It’s where you prove you’re “not just like the other ones”, so you make sure to keep up communications with them after the “first date” (introductory call) and make sure you’re meeting their needs.

This is the same experience that’s had by your clients when they call into your business’s phone number. Does your Auto Attendant greeting sound like Darth Vader, or is your menu structure easy to navigate and understand? (Pro tip: if you think your auto attendant could use a bit of a tune-up, check out this blog post)

Soon the two of you have decided to make it exclusive, go steady, or whatever the kids are saying these days, so I guess it’s time for them to meet your parents.

Stage 2: Meet the Parents

Your parents are awesome people, so obviously you’ve been singing their praises. In our business scenario, they’re your Onboarding and Customer Success teams. Once your client is introduced to them, that’s another first impression. Do your parents/colleagues live up to their expectations? Are they genuine and knowledgeable people that your new partner wants to be affiliated with? So of course if you said that your father was an amazing baker but his specialty cake came from the grocery store, then that’s a first impression that fell a little flat. At this point you’re proving that you have a vested interest in your new client’s future. You want them to be successful.

For your clients, this is the experience they have when they’re transferred to other people in your organization. How smooth is the transfer process? How accessible is your team? If they’re kept on hold, do they hear tinny elevator music or messaging that’s related to your business like current promotions?

At Versature we make it a point to get to know your business and industry, and identify today if we’re a good fit, because just like in romantic relationships we know how heartbreaking it is to think you’ve found “the one” only to go through a nasty breakup.

Stage 3: Settle Down

Like any successful relationship, a business relationship requires communication. If we don’t know what you need, then of course we can’t help you. This is where our Customer Success department comes in, checking in with you to make sure everything is going well and your business is succeeding. Need help organizing the kitchen or an Auto Attendant? We can help. Adding another phone or family member? We’ve got your back.

On your end, this is having features enabled like Versature SmartAnswer, which will forward your work calls to your cellphone with a precursory message alerting you that this is a call from your office phone, and our voicemail-to-email transcription service, which sends all your voicemails to your email inbox as a .wav file audio attachment and an automated text transcription so you can receive your voicemails on the go and respond easily.

Every new point of communication your business has with your clients is a chance to make a good first impression and live up to the standards you set when you first flashed that gleaming smile of yours at them from across the bar. Keep that up, and you’re on your way to a great long-term relationship.

– – –

We can’t take you out for a fancy drink, but we can show you just how great your future can be when you’ve got a business communications partner that has your back. Request a demo with one of our Product Experts today and let us make another good first impression.


About Keni Gibson

Keni Gibson serves as Versature's Sales Team Leader, providing strategic direction and leadership to his fellow Sales Account Managers. He has 12 years of successful sales experience in the Canadian telecommunications market with an extensive background in business continuity planning and IT infrastructure. Considered a thought leader in the IT sales community, Keni is also an avid outdoorsman with strong community ties in the Ottawa Valley.