Polycom VVX 300, VVX 400, VVX 500

Versature Phone Basics Series – Star Codes

Star Codes are a unique way of adding additional call control functionality beyond what is capable using hard-coded device features. Star Codes function the same across all devices, including Polycom VVX 300/310, 400/410, 500/510, conference phones, and the Versature Mobile App. Get familiar with these popular Star Code features today and add a little more convenience to your life!

How To: Pull a Call with *11

Call Pull allows users to seamlessly transfer a live call from one device to another, such as the Versature Mobile App to a deskphone. Both devices must be configured to the same business phone extension or direct phone number.

How To: Quickly Log In & Out Call Queues with *51 and *52

Star Codes 51 and 52 allow users to quickly log in and log out of all Call Queues they are assigned to, respectively. This star code is especially handy for customer support agents taking quick breaks throughout the day.

How To: Mask Your Caller ID with *67

In some instances it’s handy to mask ones Caller ID information on outbound calls. This can be done on a call by call basis using Star Code 67.

How To: Transfer a Call Directly to Voicemail with *90

Transfer a call directly to your colleague’s voicemail box using Star Code 90 when you know they are not available or not interested in a live call at the moment.

The Complete Package

Did you find these tutorial videos helpful? Access the entire Versature Phone Basics playlist which covers all Polycom VVX deskphone models on Youtube and share with your colleagues!

Looking for More Information on Versature Business Phones Features & Functionality?

For assistance with Versature business phone features and functionality, please contact our Technical Support Team by dialing 6-1-1 from any Versature device or by calling 877-498-3772 option 3. Regular business hours are Monday to Thursday 8:00AM – 6:00PM ET and Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM ET.


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