Optimizing Your Phone System for Getting Back to Business

Ah, fall. The days are getting colder, the leaves are turning bright, and the overwhelming popularity of Pumpkin Spiced beverages has reached its annual peak. With summer holidays winding down and a new school year starting, there’s a pretty good chance your office’s phones are getting busier too. Is your system prepared for the rush of calls?

Auto Attendant & Call Queues

The new school year is the perfect time to take a look at your auto attendant and call queue procedures! Does your auto attendant still make sense with your organization’s structure? Has your company recently introduced a new department (like Customer Success)? Has someone been promoted to a role where they would need to be easily contacted directly? Have you created a new marketing campaign that needs promotion at the front of the house?

Your auto attendant is often the first point of contact potential clients have with your company, so it’s important that it is easy to navigate, and gives all the information required before a caller is connected with a member of your staff. Our Tech Support team at 6-1-1 from your Versature phone is more than happy to help you optimize your call flow and configure your Auto Attendant.

Your call queues should also be given a quick review to ensure they still make sense for your business’s current structure and needs. Call queues and ring groups are the ways your phones can be connected together to react when someone calls your number. An example of this would be someone calling your support line and having the call go to the agent who has been waiting the longest for a call.

Our Customer Success team did a post recently on how to improve your call flow to benefit your callers. It gives an example of each of the different routing options for call queues as well so you can choose which is best for each area of your business.


Have you been out of the office during the summer? Let’s change your voicemail back if you haven’t already. You don’t want your voicemail to say you’re on vacation until the end of August if it’s already mid-September (even though you may still wish you were on vacation)!

Simply login to the Versature client portal, SONAR, to record a new greeting or swap your Out of Office (OOO) message for a pre-recorded greeting.

  1. Log into SONAR, the Versature client portal
  2. Click the Self Help button on the left of the screen and search for “record a new voicemail greeting using your phone”, which will walk you through the steps to record a new greeting, or…
  3. Under the Messages tab, scroll down to Greetings. If you have a regular voicemail greeting that you would like to use, you can select it from the expandable Voicemail Greeting section. To record a new greeting, click the Manage icon, Add Greeting, and select the Record radio button option. By clicking Call, the system will instantly call your Versature desk phone and prompt you to record your new greeting.

What Else Can I Do in SONAR Now?

I don’t want to mention it, but the holidays are coming up sooner than you can say Hallowe’en 3 times. This is the perfect time to also get your Holiday messaging up-to-date as well. Contact our Tech Support team at 6-1-1 for assistance! Using Time Frames, you can set up all of your holiday greetings and messaging for your phones way ahead of time. This lets you go to your vacation in the Bahamas worry free because you know everything’s been set up for ahead of time.

Need Additional Help?

If your business requires additional phones, assistance with setting up call queues and auto attendants, or even just confirmation you changed your voicemail correctly, contact our Tech Support team anytime!


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