Versature’s Onboarding Process

Onboarding is basically the welcoming process through which your customers go when they sign up to be your newest user. It’s the portion of the buying process where you give them access to your product, and they begin using it.

Now, in many organisations it’s fairly simple: you collect money and you give them access to the product. It’s then up to the customer to learn how to use it.

At Versature we approach onboarding in a different way. For us, it actually starts before the purchase has been made.

As a customer success organization, our sales team are focused on ensuring our clients are a great fit for what we offer and we are a great fit for them. They begin the process by evaluating potential customers and determine if we are a good fit. If we feel that for whatever reason, a potential client would be better served by a different solution, we’ll point them in the right direction. In other words, the relationship has to work both ways and we’ll never take on a client that won’t find success in our service.

From there, our sales team then works with the onboarding team to build a rollout plan. As different companies have different requirements, we work with them to figure out just what those needs are and take a consultative approach in building a system that will exceed their expectations.

Once the client is satisfied, and decides to make the switch to Versature, they are then assigned a dedicated onboarding specialist. This way, there is no more repetition of having to explain your situation to a different person every time. Or as we like to say: “no more hot potato”.

The onboarding specialist will ensure all of the details are correct, that the customer understands their contract, their price, and that there’s no surprises down the road. They work with the onboarding specialist to set up the call flow, call queues, prepare their account for a rollout, and finally we get a list of numbers to port and secure new numbers if required. The onboarding specialist will then answer any questions the customer may have and follow up with a training session.

Should there be any issues whatsoever with the product or the service, we do provide a full 30 day, money back guarantee.

During the training session, the onboarding specialist will teach key users and administrators of the phone system how to use their phone and take advantage of its features and integrations such as Google Chrome, Klipfolio dashboards, or Salesforce. From recording voicemails to setting up new greeting, this training will help the administrator became an expert on the Versature system.

Meanwhile in the background, the provisioning team gets to work by taking that list provided by the customer during setup and setting up and shipping phones to the customers location. When they get there, they’re simply plugged in and ready to go! And with that, another Versature customer is connected.


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About Hannah Warren

Hannah is Versature's Creative & Brand Owner, responsible for maintaining Versature's brand and creating everything design-related for the Marketing team. When she's not attached to her Starbucks cup and her Wacom tablet, she can be found in the dance studio practicing her pirouettes or snuggling up with her chihuahua, Stella.