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Not All Phones Are Created Equal

When it comes to office technology, many organizations have the mentality of “if it’s not broken, it doesn’t need fixing”, which leads to companies still relying on fax machines and leaving old and out of date desk phones that are way past their prime on employees’ desks. Sure they still work, but your resources aren’t being utilized to their full potential or adding to business efficiencies. Here are 5 business reasons you should update your phone solution.

1. Evolving technology

Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. What was once the talk of science fiction is now not only possible, but already multiple generations in. Phone technology is no different, with new functionality being developed and released every year. Your business could be benefitting from automatic system updates, unified communications, and integrations with leading cloud-based software, but with aging phone technology none of this would be possible.

2. Best first call impression

Although sometimes we won’t admit it, we judge people and companies based on what we hear or see first. If the first impression of a company is that your friend had a very bad experience with their customer support team, then you are much less likely to purchase from that company even if the product offerings are spectacular.

When potential or current clients call into your phone system, it gives a good impression to have a clear and concise auto attendant, to be able to seamlessly transfer calls, and to hear hold music that isn’t outdated or tinny. It shows that your organization is current and in-touch with current technologies, and that you are a business to be trusted (which you are!). When they finally get on the phone with you, it raises the bar even higher to have very good sound quality and a call without static or delays. Most people don’t like talking on the phone anyways, so it’s important to make sure that your organization’s call experience is as seamless and trouble-free as possible.

3. Good in-person impression

Any interior designer will tell you that it’s the accent pieces that pull the room together, and having the right pieces can turn a room from just ok to perfectly polished. Take a look around your office and see if anything looks out of place. You wouldn’t still have a computer tower on or under your desk running Windows 95 and taking up all of your space, so why would you have a desk phone that has started to yellow and looks like it belongs on the set of a 90s TV sitcom? Having a sleek and modern desk phone will complete the look of a modern business professional that your office already has.

4. Employee productivity

Sometimes the best work is done outside of the office. Before unified communications technology, this meant that your employees would be disconnected from everything going on at the office unless they called in using their personal number. With current phone technology your employees can stay connected to the office no matter where they are, either by bringing their physical desk phone to their location and simply plugging it in, or through softphone apps on their computer or mobile phone. They can even have their calls automatically set to reroute to their cell number (and with Versature SmartAnswer, we’ll even let them know it’s coming from their work phone!).

5. Service

In years gone by if something in your office broke it would take days, maybe weeks to have a professional come in and check it. If your phone system is older this may take even longer as most support companies aren’t familiar with these types of systems anymore. In some cases, your phone system may even be unsupported so fixing or adding or removing features may be impossible.

With a fully managed phone system, support is only a call or a click of a button away and your problems can be resolved in a matter of minutes or hours, not days. The same goes for setting up your phone system initially, adding new employees, or even completely moving offices. A managed service provider will assist you every step of the way, leaving one less thing for you to worry over during any organizational changes.

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Here at Versature we stand behind our Polycom phones for their high call quality and ease of use. If you would like to learn more and see the phones in action, sign up for a free no-obligation demo!


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